Manhood is bestowed on boys

- by men they look up to. We let boys know they have what it takes to be a man of God.

Biblical Principles

- We teach Christlike-character boys can apply through adolescence and beyond.


- We truly care about others. We pledge to serve God, our church and our fellow man.

Decision Makers

- Our fun, relational activities teach confidence and self-worth.

Best Leaders

- Ranger leaders teach others to do what they do best.

Lead by Example

- Boys learn by doing. Rangers encourage others, empowering them to always do their best for God.


- We cultivate unity, teamwork and a focus on the common good.

Biblical teaching goes far beyond church.

- Rangers are equipped for a lifetime.

Next Events

Thu Aug 06 @12:00AM
Thu Aug 06 @10:00AM - 09:00AM
JTT - Jr Training Trails (Level 3 option)
Thu Aug 06 @10:00AM - 09:00AM
JSC - Jr Survival Camp (Level 3 option)
Thu Aug 06 @10:00AM - 09:00AM
Elite Leadership (Level 4)
Thu Aug 06 @10:00AM - 09:00AM
AJTC - Advanced Jr Training Camp (Level 2)
Thu Aug 06 @10:00AM - 09:00AM
JCE - Jr Canoe Expedition (Level 3 option)

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Ready. Ready for Anything.

The Royal Rangers exists to evangelize, equip and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

Boys learn to study and apply what the Bible says about integrity, doctrine, biblical worldview, cultural issues and manhood. In addition, The Royal Ranger ministry molds boys into servant leaders, teaching them vital social, equipping,attitude, leadership and service skills.