Rangers is fun with a purpose!

As men and boys learn new skills and do things side-by-side, they are given opportunities to establish friendship – the bedrock of the mentoring relationship. While many of their peers stall out on the journey to adulthood, these boys and young men move into manhood with confidence and in relationship with their Heavenly Father and the Church. If you are considering starting an outpost, StartRoyalRangers.com is for you.

Learning what it takes to be a godly man.

Royal Rangers is a church-based mentoring ministry for future men. Discipleship in manhood is modeled by mentors who guide boys on a Bible-based journey to maturity in faith.

Boys study and apply what the Bible says about doctrine, sexuality/integrity, Biblical worldview, cultural issues, and Christlike Manhood

Skilled mentors, trained in servant leadership development.

Guided by resources written specifically for boys of every age group, adult leaders are trained to create a growth environment so that Royal Rangers is a boy-led, adult-facilitated ministry. This empowers the boys to be less self-sufficient and more Christ-dependent. Less self-centered, more others-centered.

Structured and organized weekly meetings.

Typically, outpost meetings occur once a week during regular church or Wednesday evening services. Men from your church are specifically trained in how to mentor boys through this fun and highly-relational program has been tailored to meet to physical, spiritual and social needs of boys in every age group. Boys are encouraged to attend faithfully to earn rewards for completing the necessary Bible, leadership and skills training that will equip them to be effective future leaders of church ministry.

District camps and events that further mentoring and leadership training

The predominant meeting place for Royal Rangers occurs within churches (or Outposts); however outdoor events run by WNMD Rangers provide boys with an opportunity to network with other like-minded boys, giving them practical experience in leadership development.

Most outdoor events are run at Camp Wilderness, Waupaca – our very own Royal Rangers campground. This venue has all the modern amenities, complete with training center and auditorium, which allows us the flexibility to host exciting events while freely worshiping without restrictions.

Refer to links from the Calendar page for more information about Kids Camp, Summer Camp, Junior Leadership camps and Frontiersman Camping Fellowship events.

How can I find an outpost near me?

You can use the National Royal Rangers Outpost Locator we made available to you. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can help you locate an outpost near you.

District Staff

Gerry Krebsbach
Gerry Krebsbach District Director - Email
Gerry leads a volunteer staff to coordinates all district-wide activities. He serves as liaison between Royal Rangers, pastors and Sr Commanders and is constantly seeking out churches interested in starting Royal Rangers.
Assistant to the District Director, Bruce is here to serve and support outpost Commanders. He is an expert at advancement requirements and advancements.
Bob is responsible for training the outpost leaders.
Rob coordinates all Academy training camps for the District and is also in charge of the annual Academy Banquet.
Pastor Bruce Dailey (Messenger)
Pastor Bruce Dailey (Messenger) FCF President - Email
Pastor Bruce and his team offer five FCF camps per year where they train their members to have a love for Christ and serve in missions.
Jody maintains the web site, publishes promotional materials and other communications for the district.
John is a master at theater and an avid advocate of fun!
Tim & Melissa Zabel
Tim & Melissa Zabel Ranger Kids Camp Coordinators
This energetic couple plans Ranger Kids Camp. Definitely a two-person job.
Al & Mary Binkelman
Al & Mary Binkelman Camp Administrators
Al and Mary have a true Servant's Heart. They help out with everything camp-related: registration, t-shirts, you name it.
Gene has been a Ranger for 50 years and heads up the Ranger Alumni Association for the district.
Paul Morrison
Paul Morrison Security
Nothing gets past this soldier. Not even a kid in swimming trunks.
The best time to build a man
is while he is still a boy.