Arrive Thursday 10am, graduate 9am Sunday

  • Guys 12 and older
  • Experience the power of a team
  • Fly along a zip line
  • Learn to be a leader
  • Overnight campouts, bring a tent, the rest of the camping equipment provided!
  • Arrange your own transport to and from camp
  • All attendees have to sign up online. You will be given the option to pay online or mail in a check.
  • Camp fee includes all food, 2 camp t-shirts and a hat


Leadership in Action

AJTC is a district event for boys in the 8th grade or above. AJTC focuses on leadership development by serving in group and church leadership roles for young men. AJTC can be offered in a camping, retreat center, or church venue. AJTC is a required event for the Trail of the Saber Award. AJTC will help boys discover answers to these questions:

  • Am I following God's plan for my life today?

  • How am I developing my godly character?

  • How am I helping (serving) others?