BACArrive Thursday 10am, graduate 9am Sunday

Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

  • AJTC graduates
  • Over 9 miles of exhilarating adventure
  • Map your course, prep your own food
  • Camp along the trail
  • All attendees have to sign up online. You will be given the option to pay online or mail in a check.
  • Camp fee includes all food, 2 camp t-shirts and a hat
  • Arrange you own transport to and from camp


Trek Through the Wilderness

Backpacking is a challenging yet highly rewarding experience. Essentials of hiking – including equipment, first aid, cooking, navigation and how to pack a backpack are covered before you hit the nine-mile trail for a two-day backpacking adventure. You will carry all your gear in backpacks, filter all your drinking water and cook freeze-dried food over backpacking stoves.