The American frontiersman is an excellent example of man’s ability to adapt to the outdoors and the wilderness. At eleven, a boy was considered a man and his achievements were an example of courage and sheer determination.

As a member of FCF, you will enjoy a bond stronger than any other friendship as you share your experiences with other mountain men on the frontier. During our period-correct camps you will live like a frontiersman, getting by using only the tools and equipment available between 1750 and 1850. From starting your fire with a flint striker to learning how to hunt with a trap and tomahawk, your adventure will include shooting a black powder rifle, living in a primitive shelter and cooking in a cast iron skillet – just like the Old Timers did.

As you advance through the ranks of the Fellowship, you will be assigned an FCF name, choose a trade and persona that suits you, and be expected to complete the tough frontiersman challenges that are set out before you.

Do you have what it takes to join FCF?

Young men who have completed Jr Training Camp (JTC) and have either the Gold Eagle, Adventure Bronze or E1 award are eligible to join. Adult Ranger Leaders can join too, provided they have an approved background check and have completed “Safety” as well as “Ready Leader” of the Outpost Leaders Advancement Levels (OLAL).

In your first year, you will be a Candidate at Frontier Adventure Camp where you will graduate as a Frontiersman and be inducted into the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship. In the beginning of every year that follows, you will be asked to pay annual dues before you will be allowed to sign up for any of the FCF events. During the membership renewal process, we will check that you are in good standing with your church and that adults have a current background check on file.

Advancing through the ranks of FCF

FCF Advancement camp takes place during Frontiersman Adventure Camp. You should attend all FCF events and complete the required training in your outpost to prepare for advancement. Advancement testing takes place during Advancement camp but all graduation ceremonies only take place during Fall Trace.

To advance to Buckskin level, Rangers need to earn their Adventure Silver or E2 medal. Adult Leaders complete “Trained Leader” of the Outpost Leader Advancement Level (OLAL) and mentor a boy into FCF. You will also be expected to serve in ministry, earning your Company Trappers Brigade award. You will be expected to complete the Buckskin Challenge Workbook to guide you through the process of choosing an appropriate name, persona and trade. A large portion of your outfit will need to be complete and you will be given a written and practical test on the contents of your workbook.

Before they can advance to Wilderness Level, Rangers need to earn their Adventure Gold or E3 medal and sponsor a boy into FCF. Adult Leaders have to complete their “Advanced” training OLAL level and mentor a second boy into FCF. You will also be expected to complete more service hours to earn the Bourgeois level in Trapper Brigade.

The ultimate challenge in FCF is when a Wilderness candidate completes his final test – the All-night Vigil. Only a few make it this far, but those that do are sworn to secrecy with regards to what happens at Vigil. It is suffice to say that you will be tested to your limit as you stay awake all night with your Lord and Savior. You have to have your Adventure Gold to advance to Wilderness.

FCF Staff

FCF Staff

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FCF Staff

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