September 29 – October 1, 2017

Arrive before 7pm Friday, pack up 10am Sunday

Camp Wilderness, Waupaca

  • Frontier Adventure graduates pick free items from the gift blanket!
  • Finalize your advancement requirements.
  • Advancements announced at Saturday evening Council Fire.
  • Hone your frontiersman skills, learn a new trade.
  • Only those who have paid 2017 dues will be allowed to register (does NOT apply to this year's Frontier Adventure grads).

FCF members enjoy fellowship and the mighty presence of God around campfire services after a long day of competitions and training. Turn in your advancement packets and complete you last minute testing before advancement at the Saturday night Council Fire.

Think you're ready to advance? Notify your rep ahead of camp.

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FCF Staff

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Frontiersman Camping FAQ's

Yes! At FCF we treat boys and men equally. You too will be expected to complete (or teach) the Trail of the Grizzly Compass, Cooking, Fire Craft, First Aid Skills, Ropecraft, Lashing, Tool Craft, and Camping merits but you must also have completed the “Ready Leader” training level.

Each age group has a handbook you can purchase that explains what is needed for advancement.  You also need to purchase a FCF Handbook. The back pages have tracking charts your son's leader will sign once he has completed the requirements. Ask the leader to share the merit TraCclub PDF with you so that you can help your son catch up on any missed requirements.

You enter FCF as a Frontiersmen after completing Frontier Adventure camp. This allows you to become a mamber and attend all other FCF camps, but all testing for advancement takes place at Frontier Adventure camp.

You need to donwload the Workbook for the level you'd like to advance TO, which is Buckskin.

For Frontiersmen to advance to Buckskin, they need to have the Adventure Silver medal or E2 Award (men need Trained Leader training), turn in a completed advancement workbook and score enough points on their practical testing during the Frontier Adventure; so come prepared. They also need Company Trapper Trapper's Brigade hours.

Buckskin members typically attend Frontier Adventure camp two or more years before advancing to Wilderness. They too need to downoad the Wilderness Workbook and undergo testing to show their competency before being allowed to move onto the next level. They need Adventure Gold or E3 (men Advanced Training), and Bourgeois Trappers Brigade level to advance to Wilderness.

The final level of graduation is the Wilderness Vigil. Candidates need to be ready physically, mentally and spiritually for this challenge. Details of the adventure are kept secret and are only revealed to candidates as needed, but suffice to say candidates must have a complete outfit, all the necessary Frontiersmen gear and knowledge to survive a night without sleep in the wilderness.

This will take a bit or research. Start by looking at your son’s interests and then research what kinds of trades Frontiersmen had between 1750 and 1850. His outfit will largely depend on his trade. Trades were very specialized in those days, so instead of being a leather maker you’d rather be a saddle maker, for example. Visit the FCF section on this site and click on “persona” and “trades” for more info.

Start off slowly. Shop at Goodwill and other thrift stores for clothing that looks the part and build from there. This is not supposed to cost you much so keep it simple and get stuff that you might trade. Once you have a general idea, you start making your own items or shopping for them online.

  • Complete Junior Training Camp (JTC) and earn your Bronze medal.
  • Must be at least 11 years old, and recommended by his outpost leader
  • Complete Frontiersmen Adventure Camp

Cooking and being self-sufficient is part of Ranger training so in most cases food is not provided. Please check the camp sign-uo page for details.

Yes! Just come as you are and you will be accepted. We have marquees your son can stay in at $5 per night or he can share a lodge with other Young Bucks. Frontiersmen campers are extremely generous and will lend you whatever you need. You are expected to work hard at getting or making your own gear.

Frontiersmen were typically nomadic and got by with very little, so you really don’t need much.

  • Get yourself a brown canvas tarp at Fleet Farm use can use to make a shelter or small tent. We’ll show you how.
  • A small cot is nice to keep you off the cold or wet ground
  • Use a modern sleeping bag, cover it with a cheap wool blanket for the primitive look
  • Build yourself a wooden box 1’tall x about 2’x about 1’ to store all your gear in. Store your clothes in a satchel
  • Cooking gear you need is a cast iron pan that doubles as your plate, eating utensils and a coffee pot for boiling water.
  • A good fixed blade knife and sheath
  • A throwing knife (has to be single bladed)
  • A tomahawk and sheath
  • A flint and steel kit, charred cloth and tin (an Altoids tin works well)
  • Rope for lashing.
  • Lantern and candles

The Old Timers tend to purchase primitive tents with heaters, bring in beds and matrasses but really, all that is not necessary! Rough it, enjoy the adventure!

Download the packet for the level your are working towards.

New Candidates download the Frontiersman Workbook

Frontiersman download the Buckskin Workbook

Buckskinners download the Wilderness Workbook


You need to review your workbook BEFORE camp. You will be asked to turn it in to your Advancment Representitive who will grade it and let you know whether you can advance to the next level.

In general, practice your knife, hawk and fire starting skills. Spend time at home MAKING items for your outfit! This will earn you enough beads to advance.

Registering for any district camp just got a whole lot easier!

  • Set up an account for your family. All your camp info and forms are saved in one convenient place!
  • Fill out your medical forms once, and you're set. Of course, you can go back and edit your information at any time.
  • Enroll in the camps your family members plan to attend and we'll hold a space for you. Pay for events individually or all at once whenever you're ready. (Of course, we require at least partial payment before you're considered registered for camp).
  • When you enroll, your Outpost is notified. Contact Doris if you need registration reports emailed to your outpost.
  • Leaders, if you're serving on staff at a camp, get with the comp coordinator. He may have a discount code for you.