JTCArrive Thursday 10am, graduate 9am Sunday

Camp Wilderness, Waupaca
$125. Registration closes July 31

  • Guys 11 and older
  • Learn to be a leader
  • Overnight campouts, camping equipment provided!
  • Outdoor skills training like cooking on an open fire
  • Lash your own camping gadgets
  • Make buddies for life
  • All attendees have to sign up online. You will be given the option to pay online or mail in a check.
  • Camp fee includes all food, 2 camp t-shirts and a hat
  • Arrange your own transport to and from camp
  • Download your GEAR LIST here.


Welcome to the Academy of Men

The purpose of Junior Training Camp (JTC) is to introduce Royal Rangers who are graduates of the 6th grade to their roles in their group and outpost leadership.

A camp graduate should be capable of serving as a junior leader in a boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost. He should have asked himself at some point during the camp each of these questions:

What are my God given (natural) talents and strengths and how am I developing them?

Do I have what it takes to be a godly man?

What is God's plan for me?

During JTC each Ranger will:

Conducted daily Bible reading, personal devotions, and journaling. He will also function as a member of a patrol which:

  • Conducted patrol meetings
  • Set and achieved patrol goals while developing patrol spirit
  • Participated in a Patrol of Excellence competition
  • Served as a junior leader in a patrol and a group.
  • Discovered some of his God-given natural talents and strengths.

Actively participated in a/an:

Junior Leadership Foundations (JLF) interview
Group Leadership Team (GLT) meeting

Model Outpost meeting
Group/Outpost event:

▪ Conception ▪ Planning
▪ Publicizing ▪ Debrief

Quarterly Review of Group/Outpost’s activities

Annual Planning Retreat


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