It’s time to cross the finish line of 2016 and step up to the starting line of 2017. [S01E14]

I have run 13 marathons and a friend of mine that helped me train game me this advice.  At first I thought he was just razing me, but now that I have crossed many finish lines I understand what he meant and it’s solid advice.  Sometimes we just need to narrow our view.  Get laser focused on the finish line and get off the course.  The course can be an amazing journey but if you stay on it too long your just wondering and the sweeper bus will come by and collect you.  The enemy will try to cloud your thinking and tell you that your a quitter.  Your not quitting your finishing.  Not every finish line in life will be you jumping with joy.  Some of them will be you dragging a limb across the line, but getting over that finish line allows you to step up to the next starting line.

In the running world you will here runners talk about a RP or personal record.  God knew what he was doing when he guided you along your life’s path.  Your goals and dreams are unique to you.  Take time to celebrate every accomplishment.  Don’t let the enemy convince you that it’s not worth mentioning.  A runner who cuts even 60 seconds off a 5k race has accomplished a great new PR.  Small investments over a long period of time yield the greatest returns.  Not celebrating takes praise away from God who gave you the opportunity in to begin with.

Here at Royal Range Podcast we say, “life is a journey, one adventure at a time”.  There is something adventurous about a new goal or a new challenge.  A great way to get started is to use the four ways a boy grows:  Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Socially.  Make a goal for each of these areas and you will have a jam-up 2017.

Most peoples new years resolutions fall flat in the first few weeks.  Quitting is easy but starting takes courage and humility.  Start now and start often.  This is one area where the enemy loves to get us down, but push back and lean into it.  You probably doing far better than you think.  Give it time and stick to it.  If your goal is to read 5 books this year and you only read two, celebrate.  Only 25% of Americans will read one book this year.  Two books puts you in the top 20% of Americas best thinkers.

Happy New Year.



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What happened to our recruits? [SO1EP13]

I understand that any Discovery Ranger would have a difficult time answering the question, “What is Royal Rangers”, but by being able to describe the emblem and recite the motto will give them the confidence to have the conversation.  When a boy is asked whats Royal Rangers and his answer is, alert, clean, honest, courageous, obedient, spiritual, I say that’s a great answer.  If asked whats Royal Rangers and his answer is,  With God’s help, I will do my best to serve God, my church, and my fellow man; to live by the Ranger Code; to make the Golden Rule my daily rule, I say that’s a great answer.

Boys thrive in a competition rich environment.  Pass and Review gives your top Rangers a chance to shine and in doing so raises the bar for everyone.  You have heard it said that a rising tide floats all boats.  Why do we continue to pander to the lowest common denominator fearful of not being inclusive.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you make everyone wear dress khakis, but you can lead by example and in Rangers it’s boy led adult facilitated.  We need to facilitate a venue for the boys that can lead to lead.

Adolescents and teenagers have a strong desire to merge into culture.  It’s normal to want to fit in, and that typically leads to a certain music, certain dress, etc….

Wearing a Ranger uniform doesn’t mean your selling out, it means your buying in.  Buying into a brotherhood of like-minded Christ following warriors.

God made you uniquely you.  No one that has ever lived is your equal.  Not wearing a uniform shows your conformity to a world a drift.  Desperately trying to follow the ebb and flow of societal norm.

The Ranger uniform embodies identity.  Identifying you as an adventure on a journey to discover your specialize purpose in Christ accompanied buy your Outpost.

Furthermore it’s a place to hang all of your accomplishments.

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Humility when your the smartest person in the room [S01E12]


Be it academic, be it great mental acumen, or be it the school of hard knocks when you walk into a ranger classroom your probably the smartest in the room.  You’ve lived life longer and your experiences can give you wisdom.

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Building a great Outpost takes time and one of the most important building blocks is relationships.  You really do have some great wisdom to impart on your Rangers, but it takes time to build the relationships that will help you be able to have a strong influence.  Remember rules without relationship breads rebellion.

Try using the ABC’s f communication.  Affirm, Bridge, Connect.

We try to bring a little affirmation into the classroom each time we start.  Each on of these boys in a gift from God and it’s a privilege to have an opportunity to pour into their lives.  Let them know how much you value them and how special they are.  Bridging usually happens during your game or activity.  It’s when you have an opportunity to build comradery and just have fun.  Connecting happens during your skill merit time.  Your equipping them and boys like to add new skills to there resume.

Bring people up to your level gracefully.  Don’t drag them up critically.

We all get frustrated, but no one will ever be equipped by brow beating or belittling.  We have all seen that coach or mentor that thinks if they can just get them mad enough or make them feel bad enough they will rise to the occasion.  Encouragement is the key to empowerment.

Is your audience ready to learn what your teaching?

Give yourself the flexibility to adapt to how your boys are feeling.  This week may be finals week or they may be eager to head out for Christmas break.  If their not ready to hear you may want to move the game up in the line up.  Loosen them up.  You may even need to truncate the lesson for the night.

Are you teaching out of your giftings or did you see this on the internet.

We have all made this mistake.  Found ourselves way off the reservation with an idea we saw on the internet.  Stick to what your good at and allow other commanders to come along side you with their skills.  Royal Rangers is a big bus with plenty of seats for all of us.  Find the seat that your most comfortable in and watch God use you in a mighty way.

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The perfect gift for the Royal Ranger on your list! {S01E11}


Christmas letter writing on paper on wooden background with decorations

Today’s podcast is devoted to helping you do some last minute shopping for those Rangers or Ranger Commanders on your Christmas list. We’ve got some great gift ideas that are sure to be a surprise and a delight!

If you havn’t noticed yet, check out the new tab on our navigation bar at the top of this page – “Royal Ranger Podcast Christmas list”. This tab will take you to a list of our Amazon affiliate links for each of these gift ideas. So happy shopping and Merry Christmas! And please feel free to comment below and share with us some of your great gift ideas. Thanks!

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Boys will be boys.


The definition of chaos is, complete disorder and confusion.  Synonyms are: confusion, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, disruption.  If this describes what you’re seeing we might be able to help.

Boys are not “just being boys” if what they are doing is unsafe, destructive and disrespectful.  Sure, boys play hard and sometimes break things, but breaking stuff just to be breaking something – not cool!  Chaos leads to turmoil, but a well-defined structured environment gives boys a safe place to “just be boys”, and this is great fun!!!

G.K. Chesterton said, “The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.”

A common mistake that all of us as commanders make is to try and rein in the chaos and add structure to the environment by establishing rules for every situation and then enforcing those rules.  This is a recipe for disaster and frustration.  Boys can’t remember a long laundry list of rules, and trying to enforce this long list will just make you look like a drill sergeant.   If you only take one thing away from this podcast it should be this.  Rules without relationship breads rebellion, rules with relationship breads respect, so keep it simple and clear, and enforce these boundaries for the sake of these relationships.

Rule #1, Respect
Rule #2 Safety

Creating a simply yet clear set of rules will help your outpost thrive, but when you try and make a rule for every situation you are creating a bunch of “i gotcha ya” moments.  Your setting the boys up for failure and anxiety.

The two rule system frees you from all of that.  We have applied this to summer merit camps with 70 boys from outposts all over the state.  In 12 hours we establish a self-governing environment where boys thrive and relationships grow.  Think about it, if a boy is being disruptive in class what rule does that fall under?  If a boy goes down to the swimming hole by himself what rule is that breaking?  By quickly and calmly identifying their actions and helping them decide which rule their breaking they are quickly learning to govern themselves.  Of course this works at every age level but is adjusted for age appropriate activities.  What is a safe for and Expedition Ranger might not be for a Ranger Kid.

The key to success is consistency and total cooperation from all of your commanders.  Also, you need to remove all other rules from your vocabulary. Instead, consistently remind and reinforce Rule #1 and Rule #2.  Games and activities have directions not rules.rr2015-121

There are certainly consequences to breaking the two rules.  Keep in mind that every correction needs to lead and end with love.  You’re not there to just “catch them in the act”.  You’re there to equip and empower.  Consequences should be proportional to the inappropriate action.  It’s a good idea to brainstorm with your commanders a list of scenarios that are likely to happen and how you will handle them.

Boys will be boys.  They want and adventure rich life and will a little planning you can give this to them.  You will be creating awesome memories and equipping and empowering them to be terrific servant leaders.

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