Rule #1 – Respect.  Respect is the first of the two rules, and covers all of the decisions Rangers will make regarding people problems and property problems.

Question – is talking over your commander while he is giving instructions respectful. Question – is taking something that belongs to one of your fellow Ranger respectful. Question – is damaging church property on purpose respectful.

Note: If you answered yes to all three, please skip the rest of these notes and relisten to the podcast!

Rule #2 – Safety.  Safety covers everything else.

Question – is it safe for a Ranger to take a canoe down the Peace River by himself in the dark? Question – is it safe for a Ranger Kid to leave camp by himself?

Hint: “The answer to all of these questions is NO!”

By implementing these two rules at every Outpost level, boys learn quickly how to govern themselves.


First you have to get all of your leadership on board and maintain consistency throughout the Outpost.  At all of our event at OP 169 we have a start time.  Over the years we have adopted some sort of 5 minute warning or countdown preceding that start time.  Our boys know that when the time runs down, the music fades or whatever the cue that is their time to get quiet and listen for instructions.  If they are still restless the commander will simple ask, loud enough for everyone to here, “Rule number one”!  Usually 85% of the boys will respond, “Respect”!  The Commander will ask again, “Rule number one”?  99% of the boys will respond, “Respect”!  If there are new boys in the group it only take a couple of time before they get it.


Everyone has to be consistent with this.  Every classroom, every event, and every group gathering should be used an as opportunity to reinforce the two rules.  Remember there are only TWO rules.  Games don’t have rules they have instructions.  Merit lessons don’t have rules they have instructions.  For example, if we are taking a nighttime canoe trip there are just two rules.  Respect and safety.  There may be several instructions.  Following instructions falls under what rule?  Your right, respect and safety.


Rules without relationship breeds rebellion, rules with relationship breeds respect.  Without a relationship with your rangers not one rule with work.  We have found that the fastest and most lasting relationship occurs when your in the middle of an adventure.  Boys will share their deepest fears and reveal their most confident skills on an adventure.

The beauty in all of this is that it’s age appropriate right out of the box.  One groups safety, might be different from another.  That’s where you get to help them use the two rules to govern themselves.

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Wild At heart by John Eldridge
Epic by John Eldridge
Platform by Michael Hyatt
Good To Great by Jim Collins

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More specifically dogeball at Roundup 2016, the best event ever.  The commanders of Royal Ranger Podcast call OP169 their home Outpost and we are part of the Penn Florida Central Division.  Our RoundUp is held in Fort Meade at Camp Wilderness.  This year the weather cooperated and 200-300 of us had a blast playing in the peace river, canoeing, hanging out and playing dodge-ball in our dodge-ball arena.

Dodge-ball has been one of the all time favorite events at our Roundups and Pow Wow, and we wanted to share our setup with you so that you could see just how easy it can be to create a dogeball arena at your events.  I promise you that it will be a worthwhile investment and it will soon become a favorite event for your division or district.


Our dogeball arena is 64′ x 32′.  We used 16′ PT 2×4’s across the top (12 total) and 12′ 4×4 posts (12-15 depending on the doors).  The orange safety netting is 4′ and we used furring strips to fasten the mesh to the posts.  A staple gun was used to secure it in place and that’s it!

img_6275 img_6269

mikasaThe balls are the classic playground rubber balls.  I found some on amazon for $3.00, but if you want to go “Pro”, try these balls from Mikasa.

safety-nettingI also found the safety netting on Amazon.  There were several thicknesses.  For the money I would get the thicker.  You want this to stay up for years.


As always, hammocks are a favorite part of any campsite.  We have come across a new product.  The Wise Owl Outfitters hammock.  ENO has been a brand favorite but Wise Owl Outfitters make a great hammock set at a great value.  It’s worth a look.

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Wild At heart by John Eldridge
Epic by John Eldridge
Platform by Michael Hyatt
Good To Great by Jim Collins

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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image1If the National Offices stats are right and there are more than 250,000 chartered member nationwide then there must be even far more that have been impacted by Royal Rangers at one point in their lives.  It’s always fun to run into someone while traveling and find out what they know about Royal Rangers.  A team of rangers and commanders I was with were flying back into the country from a mission trip, and were waiting in the line at customs.  A border patrol agent at one of the stations flagged me over and as I approached he notice my Royal Ranger t-shirt and said, “Are you a ranger commander”?  I said yes and pointed to the group.  He reached into his bag and pulled out a royal ranger handbook.  He asked for the rest of the group to come over and quickly got us right through.  You just never know who you might run into.

In this episode we want to find out what the GMA’s are up to.  Each quarter we are going to interview a GMA from around the country and find out how getting the GMA impacted their lives and what advice they have for the rest of us.   If you’re a GMA and would be willing to be part of an upcoming episode please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This episodes GMA is 2012 metal recipient from Outpost 169, Chandler Glotfelty.

Servant Leadership

Chandler is serving as the president of Calvary FAU.  This is an on campus ministry at Florida Atlantic University sponsored by Calvary Chapel.

Did Royal Rangers impact your decision to take on the role of president for Calvary?

What advice to you have for young rangers thinking about a leadership position.


As an Outpost and as commanders how did we do equipping and empowering you for the journey?

Three pieces of equipment

Confidence Courage Competence

Advice to the Ministry

From the Latin roots for discipline we also get disciple.

No uniforms can be uniform, but sloppy is still sloppy.

Girls, distraction or distraction?

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A Commander can’t be easily offended, but he must be quick to love!

A commander can’t be easily offended.

It’s easy for all of us men to take pride and ownership of our outpost and the plans we make for weekly meetings, but in a ministry, where relationships are central, we have to hold onto those plans loosely.  We can never predict when a ranger, a parent, or another commander may unwittingly tip over our “precious” apple cart.  It’s in those moments that we have to remember our motto, “Be, Ready for Anything.”  To be ready for anything, we have to create margin or space.  That space gives us time to react.
On a recent Wednesday night, Senior Commander Wayne asked to meet with the Expedition Ranger (ER) commanders to discuss some changes.  I had a little bit of a heads up, and I knew these commanders were going to react – and react they did.  At OP169 we have a very special group of ER’s.  On any Wednesday night we can have 20-25 ER’s.  These are high school boys that have everywhere else to be, but make a decision each Wednesday to be a part of the Outpost.
This is a group that is “boy lead – adult facilitated”.  The group of commanders that facilitate ER’s is a strong group of seasoned servant leaders that have built tremendous relationships with these boys.  So as you can imagine, they are very protective.  Some of our Outpost lead commanders had resigned their positions, and as a result, Commander Wayne was prayerfully contemplating combining AR’s and ER’s.  You could immediately feel the tension in the room and see the reactions begging to swell on their faces.  One commander that is very fit and muscular looked as if he would tear off the corner of the desk he was sitting on.  I was impressed that out of respect for Commander Wayne most of these men allowed for margin, or what Andy Stanley call, breathing room.
Victory Frankl, a famous holocausts survivor and psychiatrist puts it this way, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

3 ways to create margin.

Lean on God’s word. The Bible is full of wisdom about thinking before speaking (Psalm 34:13, 141:3) Be ready and open to feedback. In fact, invite it! In most leadership positions, it is essential for you to hear all of the things that can and do go wrong. It’s nice to hear the positive, but to have an opportunity to resolve a problem just puts you and your Outpost on a more stable footing. Begin to see the situation through the eyes of your heart. Remember you have the power to choose your response, and the eyes of your heart will give clarity to the ways God is growing you.

A commander must be quick to love.

1 Corinthians 13:1 says, “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am the sound of a rusty gate”.  Rangers is a discipleship ministry that only works when relationship are built inside of our adventure rich lives.  Rules without relationship breads rebellion.  Rules with relationship breads respect.  Being a conduit of God’s love will bridge every relational gape.
Behind every set of eyes is a story.  The real story, and getting to that story requires love.  We have had so many stories where God has healed and restored a young man’s heart out of an abundance of love shown to him by Godly commanders, parents and other rangers.
Love in any relationship is cumulative.  It takes small investments over a long period, but the returns are tenfold.  Within your role as a commander, expressions of love will come out of experiences with your outpost.  Whether your teaching basic lashing or a Bible merit, whether you’re camping at Pow Wow or canoeing down the river, these opportunities to express the love of Christ and forge lasting relationships will allow you to build God’s strength into the lives of the young men in your Outpost.

A ministry tool that has help draw out Outpost closer is The Word for You Today.   It is required reading for all of our commanders.

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All-night Vigil, Alone in the Wilderness

CAMP WILDERNESS, Waupaca, WI – October 2016

Staying awake all night on a comfy couch with snacks and a game consul for company is hard enough, but have you ever tried praying from dusk to dawn… alone in the wilderness… in the fall… with nothing but limited primitive gear to sustain you. This Vigil is the final requirement towards becoming a Wilderness Member – the highest advancement level in Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF).

For Caleb “Buffalo Tooth” Laux (15), this was an adventure to look forward to! Just a few years after he started Rangers in Kindergarten, he already set his sights on the Academy Saber. He picked the Frontier Adventure as one of his optional Academy camps but it wasn’t until his Uncle and cousins invited him to join them at Fall Trace, that the FCF bug bit him – and it bit him hard!

When asked what motivated him to take on his Wilderness Vigil, Caleb provided great insight.

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