Leader FAQ's

  • Always be training. If training is offered, go. No matter if it’s Rangers training or how to be a better Sunday School teacher, we all need to keep up with how to effectively minister to others.
  • Ranger Basics and Ranger Essentials and World Class Outposts is offered by the district trainers and your Outpost Coordinator will receive an email promoting it.
  • National camps such as NRMC and NEEC are offered by the National Office and their schedule is posted on the national Rangers web site.
  • Always be ready to receive tips and advise from one of your fellow Ranger leaders.
  • Try out new ideas and approaches; then build on what works for your group.

All chartered outposts can download Ranger Navigator at www.rangerdepot.com.

This program only runs on PC at the moment, but an online version is being considered.

These items were developed as a means of recognition for outposts where uniforms and award vests are not used. These items represent the same awards as their uniform counterparts but are more suitable for providing recognition to the boys not in uniform or as supplemental methods for boys in uniform.

Friendship.Healthy outposts provide ongoing opportunities for leaders and boys to develop strong supportive, Christ-centered relationships through side-by-side activities. These relationships can be the primary attraction to most boys and can become the avenue through which ministry tkaes place.

Activities.  Health outposts provide a diverse program of year-round activities that includes something from each of our core competencies: outdoors, sports, trade skills, technology, and arts. Each activity serves to develop skill and build confidence in boys and serves as the vehicle around which relationships are build.

Advancement System. Healthy outposts insure that everything they do accomplishes the core purpose of Royal Rangers – to build boys into Christlike men. The advancement system represents a structured and intentional process of development that includes skill development (i.e. confidence building) spirtitual growth, and leadership. The goal of the system is not only to hand out medals, but also to develop Christlike manhood in the hearts and minds of boys.

Uniforms.  Healthy outposts see every boy as a valuable part of the team. They work hard to establish a place where the boy is welcomed, valued and wanted. Uniforms help to make every boy feel like he's part of something big.

Interactive Learning. Healthy outposts know that fun meetings and activities are a core requirement for thier success. Fun meetings are ones where the boys are directly involved, participating in the action rather than just watching and listening. Boys eagerly participate because they want to, not because they have to. The tell, show, teach method works best to this end.

Patrol System. In order for boys to develop as Servant Leaders, they must be given the opportunity to lead. Boys themselves need to be involved in planning activities, running meetings, preparing the next event and moving the outpost toward its stated objective.

Service & Ministry Outreach. Healthy outposts are contantly looking for ways to to make a real impact on thier community. Thier goal is not only to build Royal Rangers, but also to build our churches and communities as well. through the service projects and leadership merits, and other avenues, healthy outposts are ready to serve, challenging boys to live out thier faith in real and valuable ways.

World Class Outpost (WCO). The World Class Outpost seminar goes into greater detail on the seven methods and how to apply them to your outpost. You are able to evaluate where the outpost is and how to develop a strategic plan to improve the outpost to greater heights of success.

Healthy leaders are an essential part of a healthy outpost. They exhibit the following key characteristics:

Healthy leaders are committed Christ-followers. They exhibit an authentic and growing personal relationship with Christ and reflect the character, kindness, and zest for life exhibited by Christ and described in the Ranger Code. Those who follow them find them biblical, ethical, legal, moral, and wise.

Healthy leaders are mentors They are spirit-empowered models of Christlike manhood, who enjoy working with boys and posess the heart for ministering to them.

Healthy Leaders are servant leaders They are willing to work hard and accept responsibility to get things done. They see themselves as servants first, and leaders second.

Healthy leaders are team players They know how to balance individual and team rights for the good of the Body. They are loyal to their church and supportive of their pastor's vision. They cooperate with the leadership of thier church and submit to their authority.

Healthy leaders are teachable They realize the importance of ongoing learning and constantly seek to improve thier skills and abilities through training and reading.

  • Purchase a Leader Manuel. It is a valuable guide and gives you free access to the LEADER track (only) in TraCclub.
  • Purchase a Utility Shirt and sew on the patches diligently.
  • Pray for every boy in your group and follow up when they miss a meeting
  • Keep track of attendance and advancements. Most leaders use Ranger Navigator for this.
  • Collect dues of $1 every week from every Ranger to pay for incidentals
  • Plan at least one quarter in advance
  • Prepare your lesson at least one week in advance
  • Build a relationship with the Rangers in your care. Your goal is not to ram as many merits into them as you can, but rather demonstrate what manly Christian leadership is all about.
  • Keep up with the latest trends the boys you teach are familiar with. Using the latest technology comes to no surprise to them, and neither should it be novel to you.
  • Always be relational, relevant and interesting. If your boys are misbehaving that is a sign they are not engaged. Keep writing to a minimum and have them DO what you’re teaching them.

The role of the District is to support the efforts of the local church in starting and maintaining an effective Royal Rangers program. The district staff is available to learn about the needs of your church, and suggest Royal Ranger resources and methods to help you grow a successful program.

The Together Plan is a cooperative effort between Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries to provide churches with a means of operating Royal Rangers and Girls Ministries together in situations where staff, or finances are limited. Primarily intended for smaller churches where fewer children are involved, the Together Plan enables these churches to share resources where possible. Details of the Together Plan can be found at RoyalRangers.com

The core purpose of the Royal Rangers program is to build boys into godly young men by leading them through the process of understanding their role in the kingdom of God and challenging them to become the men they were created to be. A Guy's Jouney to Manhood represents this core message and is a valuable resource for every boy and young man in his journey to manhood. The book also serves as the core text for the GMA Capstone Project and will tie into the blue and green Bible merits.

A Guy's Journey to Servant Leadership provides information on the patrol system, and junior leadership development beyond that which is included in the boys' handbook. It also contains all the distinctives from all of the leadership merits for easy reference by boys persuing the Trail of the Saber award.

safetyCompletion of the NEW online "Ranger Safety course" or previous "Safety and the Church" training course AND a nationally recognized First Aid/CPR certification course. The "Ranger Safety" course is a self paced course. The First Aid/CPR course may be completed through any nationally recognized qualified organization such as the American Red Cross, the Green Cross, or the American Heart Association. The course must include demonstration and evaluation of the skills learned in a practical exercise in front of a live instructor.

Take The Ranger Safety Online Course