Building up boys to be

Lifelong Servant Leaders

in their church, community and mission field.



Building up boys to be
Lifelong Servant Leaders
in their church, community & mission field.

About Us

Our district puts on various adventure camps and events to support chartered church outposts in mentoring our future Christian leaders. Check our calendar of events and book online from the camp page.

Commanders have access to a special Knowledge Base rich with ideas for teaching specific merits and running a more effective outpost.

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Adopting a mentality of growth.

For seventeen years I had the privilege of leading Royal Rangers in the three churches where I was pastor. Families were added to our church as their boys became a part of this ministry and their parents followed.

- David Boyd, National Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge Director

Rangers made a difference in Robert.

My son Robert has Down Syndrome, but that is not what defines him. He has earned his GMA and has graduated from the Leadership Training Academy. He is currently serving with me in Discovery Rangers as a junior leader. I cannot begin to express what an important role Royal Rangers has been on his development and self-worth.

- Bruce Witt, Wisconsin

Effective outreach.

What if our traditional church reached out in untraditional ways? Central AG in Springfield, MO has been doing just that. Using Royal Rangers, the church has reached out to the public schools in the area using Ranger Derby and bicycle give-aways to minister to hundreds of children who don't even attend their church.

- Springfield, MO

Gaining a father.

What if the fatherless gained a father? The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, AL have been using Royal Rangers as an outreach to the disenfranchised communities in the area. Every Tuesday night they bus in over 80 boys from low-income government housing neighborhoods, feed them, and teach them how to be godly men. On Wednesday nights they offer Royal Rangers to their regular attendees.