Earn the coveted Academy Saber

If you are eleven or older complete five of these camps to earn an Academy Saber to be worn as part of your uniform.

The Junior Leadership Development Academy (JLDA) is designed to assist a boy in his leadership journey. It consists of several events that are held annually that will give boys fun-filled, intentional leadership training, along with powerful spiritual development opportunities. This training experience is designed to be a catalyst and springboard of spiritual encouragement.

Here's how to register

  1. Click the link below and login to Campwise. Create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Register for Jr Leadership Training Academy
  3. Select your camp from the list of available camps; see details below if you're not sure. Not all camps are offered every year, so if your camp is not listed on Campwise registration, that camp is not available.
  4. Staff use Academy Staff signup and MUST bring a Pastor Approval form with them to camp!
  5. The camp starts at 10am Thursday, arrive a little early.

Did you know an Academy scholarship is available?


1. Start by completing both these leadership camps


Academy starts with JTC

Junior Training Camp is the first required camp where you learn how to build relationships and do effective ministry in your church, community and missions so that you can be a trained helper for your pastor.


Discover your talents at AJTC

For JTC graduates, Advanced Junior Training Camp is the second required camp where you will discover your role in leadership of your church, community and missions. You will also earn the Rock Climbing merit.

2. Then pick three of these adventures

JLDA Frontier Adventure Camp/ FCF Induction

For JTC grads and Commanders with Ready and Safety Advancement Levels. This 1800's Frontiersman Adventure Camp is required for men or boys to join the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF). Primitive fire starting, tomahawk and knife throwing included.

NEW You have to come back to FCF Fall Trace for this camp to count for your Saber.

Winter Survival Adventure Camp

For AJTC graduates. Winter Survival Action Camp (WSAC) provides instruction in outdoor survival where you and your patrol will construct an emergency shelter or igloo to sleep in.

Canoeing Adventure Camp

For AJTC graduates. At Canoe Adventure Camp (CAC) you'll experience the freedom of gliding across the open waters with a buddy in your canoe packed with food and supplies for three days.


Backpacking Adventure Camp

For AJTC graduates. Hit the nine-mile trail for a two-day Backpacking Adventure Camp (BAC) in the woods as you learn the essentials of hiking – including equipment, first aid, cooking, navigation and how to properly pack a backpack.

Shooting Sports Adventure Camp

For AJTC graduates and those who have completed Hunter Safety before camp. Compete in various shooting sports disciplines with your peers at Shooting Sports Adventure Camp (SSAC).


Survival Adventure Camp

For AJTC graduates. Enjoy the challenge of living off the land for three days as you and buddy build your own shelter, trap your own food and filter your water. The Survival Adventure Camp (SAC) not for the faint-hearted and should only be tackled as one of your last camps.

3. Receive your Saber

You and your parents have invested time and effort to reach this milestone. To publicly proclaim your achievement, we would like to present you with a Saber during the Saturday evening service at All-Boys Camp.

  • Families are welcome to be day guests at camp and can arrange to have dinner with their outposts before the ceremony.
  • Stay for celebration dessert after service!
  • Graduates, let us know how many guests you're bringing when you register.
  • Graduates and families/guests must register and pay online.

Graduates pay $50 for uniform supplies (beret, gloves, belt, sash and saber frog).
Guests: Free, but have to be registered with a graduate.

Academy Graduates Jr Academy

Junior Academy Training

For Academy graduates to complete their leadership training, candidates assist in running the Academy and help mentor younger academy campers.