All Boys Camp

Rangers All Boys and Kids Camp Combined

June 22 - 25, 2023

  • $87 - Cost of camp


    *We make every effort to make camp affordable for every family.  Sometimes circumstances exist that make affording camp difficult.  We ask that each church make an effort to help those who have financial difficulties.  If your church cannot help and you have a child or family situation that may need special consideration, please call our camp office at 715-942-8361

    The Legend of Three Toes

    A New Adventure

    The clock at Camp will be turned back to the beginning of the 20th century [1900]; a time when a bear with three toes roamed the mid-west and ravaged farmers' crops and ranchers' livestock.

    Ranger Rick has been stalking this band of bears, but he will need your help at camp to save the National Parks from bear attacks.

    This Year's Speaker - Terrence Talley

    Terrence has traveled across the country spreading the message of hope and resilience speaking to students and adults alike.

    He has fast become one of the most sought-after speakers in the country by using unforgettable stories, comedy, and off-the-cuff remarks. Growing up in the Twin Cities of MN Terrence uses his relationship with his parents growing up, heartbreaking moments that were endured, and the joy of being a father to convey a message you won’t soon forget.

    Check out his Website

    Campsite Competitions!

    You will use your passport to engage in challenges with your patrol at different "National Parks". Your patrol will make a patrol flag to identify it at the various parks and at assemblies. Outposts will lash together a safety platform as a refuge from the band of bears when Ranger Rick sounds the alert. The most-excellent Patrol will receive a special award for uniform and patrol flag.

    Towers & platforms Must:
    * Be at least 1 foot off the ground,
    * Hold their entire outpost of boys,
    * Lashed only, not using fasteners
    * Boy built, leader facilitated.

    Schedule 2023

    Here's what you get:

    Camp fee includes Outpost campsite & Camp facilities, camp activities & speakers, Saturday lunch, Sunday breakfast, T-shirt* and camp patch (*for those who register at least 3 weeks before camp).

    Your outpost will add travel, food and other expenses which you have to pay to your Outpost separately.

    Who goes to camp?

    For ALL boys Kindergarten-12th grade - you don't have to be in Rangers; so invite your friends.

    Dads or male adults with a signed Pastor Approval form are encouraged to attend with Ranger Kids.


    All visitors must check-in at the front desk in the Training Center and wear a Visitor badge while in Camp. No Exceptions! 

    NO visitors can stay overnight without proper background checks and church authorization. 

    What to Expect at Camp

    • Camp will be open on Thursday to set up campsites and for Outposts to check-in.
    • Campers may use the Monkey ball pit(s), nine-square, basketball along with other fun activities.
    • Thursday evening rally will feature skits and council fire; followed by a movie in the Amphitheater.
    • Camp activities will be open on Friday: swimming, tool safety and knot tying; archery; hawk throw & blacksmith shop; along with special activities.
    • Friday closes with a very inspirational Evening Service.
    • On Saturday, Camp activities continue and Ranger Kids will join in competition games to win medals.
    • Saturday Lunch is provided for all campers. Special LFTL Banquet for Ranger Kids.
    • Saturday will conclude with an evening service; followed by time at the Outpost campsite.
    • Sunday breakfast is provided; then we have morning service including JLDA Graduate recognition, GMA recognition, and other special awards and presentations.
    • Then break camp and head out for home.

    Camp Wilderness has modern bathroom facilities and nice warm showers. Please use them!


    Bring Money for the Concessions Stand

    Sodas, candy, ice cream, food, and other fun items are available for purchase.


    Camp Promo Video


     Sleeping bag/ pillow

     Sleeping pad or cot

     Day clothing & pajamas

     Sweatshirt or light jacket

     Cap or hat (optional)

     Swim trunks

     Rain gear (coat or poncho)

     Shoes (sneakers) [NO bare feet; sandals or flip-flops]

     Extra underclothing; socks and shoes

     Plastic Bag for wet or dirty clothes

     Toiletry kit (toothbrush; toothpaste; soap; deodorant)

     Sun Screen

     Towel

     Flashlight

     Water bottle

     Camp chair [folding] (optional)

     Pocket knife [folding] or multi-tool (Cut & Chop Card required)

     Bible

     Notebook with pencil/ pen

     Money for offering, concession stand

     Bike helmet (optional, we have one for you at camp)




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