Camp Wilderness Workdays

Fri-Sat May 10-11, 2024
Fri-Sat May 17-18, 2024


Please select the Camp Workdays Sign-up button to inform us of the number of attendees from your Outpost. This will assist us in organizing tasks, setting up lunch, and making any necessary sleeping arrangements. Additionally, if you want to register for exclusive camp projects, get in touch with Bruce Witt personally.


Camps are an integral component of Rangers that complement the local Outpost activities by providing additional resources.
Camp Wilderness facility is located in the heart of the District to serve the needs of Royal Rangers and FCF.

Ground maintenance and improvements are essential to providing an environment to maximize each camper's experience at camp(s).

God has blessed us with a great camping facility, but the campgrounds must be maintained to make it inviting for the campers to enjoy the great things that God has for every boy and man. God has established these campgrounds for His purpose(s); His desire is for His 'garden' to be inviting to all who come through the gates. God says: 'It (ground) will produce thorns and thistles for you, the sweat of your brow... ' Genesis 3:18-19. It is our responsibility to keep it clean.


Outposts from all over the District come to Camp Wilderness on Camp Workdays to prepare the campgrounds for camp(s). Camp workday(s), scheduled in the spring and fall, are a focused effort to clean up the camp buildings and the general camp areas.
Saturday breakfast & lunch are provided.

Working on camp projects provides an opportunity to be involved & invested in Camp Wilderness. Your Outpost participation in camp projects allows you to reserve your Outpost campsite at Camp Wilderness. Outposts may also work on their individual campsite on workdays.
This event provides another opportunity for fellowship and to build friendships with other Ranger Leaders (and boys) in the District. This builds a sense of pride and will augment your dedication and commitment to Rangers.

Please sign up for Camp Workdays and let us know of any materials you may need for camp projects.
Specific tasks are assigned when you arrive at camp.

Bring your chainsaws, saws, rakes, and other tools for the projects. Don’t forget your PPE: eye protection, ear muffs, gloves, sturdy footwear… for everyone in your Outpost.


In addition to camp clean-up, there are some bigger projects that are in process  at camp:

  • Training Center: paint doors & window frames
  •  Ranger Theater stage wall (right side)
  • Ranger Theater remove trees around the back of the stage.
  • Shooting Range [Final grade; slab; & retaining wall]
  • Seal Concrete [Basketball court; chessboard area]

Please let Bruce Witt [p: 608.751.6053; e: ] know any project(s) you may be interested in; so we can get the proper materials and any help that you may need to assist.

Also, to ensure that the Camp is available at that time (the camp is also used for other camps, etc.)


Churches that participate in and support our Royal Ranger program are eligible to rent Camp Wilderness.
We don't provide open-ended renting options. As a result, we request that any outposts or leaders interested in renting Camp Wilderness call our Network Office and ask Adair to provide you with a link to the rental agreement. 715.942.8360

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