Camp Wilderness
Aug 8-11, 2024

  • $151 - Early Bird fee until one month before camp
  • $166 - Camp fee after Early Bird discount deadline 
  • Registration must be paid in full by July 8, 2024 to keep Early Bird discount
  • $30.00 Non-refundable deposit if you have to cancel registration
  • Arrive by 12 (noon) Wednesday

    Please be on time!

    Graduation 10 am Sunday

    Parents are encouraged to attend


    Junior Academy (JA) is designed to prepare men and young men to serve as leaders/instructors at RTC, JTC, AJTC, and all the action camps. Junior Academy further equips them for service in the local outpost, the local church, and within the community. (JA) has a strong focus on mentoring and staff training. (JA) is a two-stage process. Stage 1 offers training in staff orientation and theory (pre-event).
    Stage 2 is the practical application of Stage 1 and involves staff in training at a JLDA event. Young men who attend and graduate from Junior Academy in Wisconsin/Northern Michigan at Camp Wilderness will be fully equipped to return and serve as Academy Instructors or Instructor Assistants to the camp leadership. Graduates from JA will take valuable information, training, and skills back to their outpost and church to be effective leaders and mentors. By using the hear, see, do approach to learning, graduates will be trained in witnessing, woodworking, effective teaching, academy operations, Leadership, saber drills, flag raising, and many more topics.


    • Completed JTC and AJTC
    • Completed additional action camps (minimum of three) `
    • Be a graduate of a JLDA Academy.


    1. Register on Campwise. Registration closes two weeks ahead of camp, and complete all forms. If you are paying by check, give it to your camp instructor when you arrive.
    2. Pack all the items on the packing list yourself! That way, you know where to find it, and you know you have it.
    3. Arrive by noon (12:00 pm.) on Wednesday. This is very important to arrive early to help with camp set up and start your training before camp starts for the rest of the academy.
    4. Arrange for your parents to attend your graduation at 10 am on Sunday, you go home with them after that.
    5. Bring a complete, clean, and serviceable utility uniform that fits and a Royal Ranger-approved belt with all patches sewn in the proper place. Also, make sure all medals and pins and in good order.
    6. Additionally, bring all graduate items to camp.
    7. All prescription medications must be checked-in with the Camp Medical Officer at registration.

    Those who complete the Junior Academy will be challenged to answer these questions:

    • How do I help others to find God's plan for their life?
    • How am I helping to develop godly character in others?
    • Who are those in need, and how can I serve?
    • How am I improving as an instructor?
    •  Am I emulating a Christlike life worthy of following?












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    • Athletic gear (Shorts. T-shirt, rubber-soled running shoes)
    •  Sleeping Bag/blanket/Pillow
    • Complete clean and serviceable Royal Ranger Utility Uniform which includes: All ribbons/medals
      which are presentable, all patches sewed in their proper location according to the RR Patch and
      Pin placement guide, Black dress shoes/Boots, black t-shirt (issued at camp), and black socks.
    • A Royal Ranger Bolo Tie of any type.
    • Black Academy ball cap (if issued).
    •  All issued academy items that are clean, which include: sash, saber frog, saber with scabbed,
      white gloves, white beret
    • Small pocket knife (If holds a current Cut & Chop Safety Card).
    • Small Bible
    • Personal Hygiene items.
    • Swimming suit
    • Towels/washcloths to last 3 days.
    • A Royal Ranger T-Shirt with large emblem
    • Socks, underwear, and personal clothing to last 3 days
    • 2 pairs of Jeans/cargo pants for outdoor activities
    • Shorts/t-shirts to last 3 days
    • Medication (If you have a current prescription)
    • Eye glasses/Contacts (if needed)
    • Rain gear or poncho
    • Water bottle or canteen
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • Pencil/pens (2)



    •  Shower Shoes
    • Sunglasses
    •  Bug spray/sun block
    • Work gloves
    • Small pocket knife
    • 1 light jacket or sweatshirt
    • Bag for dirty clothes
    • Ditty Bag to carry small items
    • Wristwatch
    • Small Camera
    • Fingernail Clipper
    • Lip Balm (chapstick)


    • Cell phones
    • Electronic devices
    • Weapons of any type (except for a small knife)
    • Non-prescription drugs