Introducting the
"Every Boy Initiative"

The "Every Boy Initiative" explained

Every boy needs a Godly mentor. Royal Rangers is helping churches mentor boys. The new "Every Boy Initiative" is a new funding plan to provide Royal Rangers to every boy at no cost. Within this next year, this plan will be fully implemented.
Imagine millions of boys influenced by thousands of Godly men. We must support this effort to bring Jesus to this next generation of men. It begins with the boys. Maybe you could help make this happen. Start a Royal Rangers Outpost in your church. Support this ministry to help make this happen.
I hear about churches that need a tool to engage young boys and young men in a way that shows them how to follow Christ and what it means to be a Godly man. Well, Royal Rangers has a great track record of mentoring young men and is positioning itself for a new generation of boys and men.

November Update - "Every Boy Initiative"

While we work hard to see the Every Boy Initiative implemented in Royal Rangers, we ask that every church still charter for this year. We are excited for this next chapter of Royal Rangers.  While it is being implemented, we still need our present Royal Rangers Outposts to still charter.  National Director Karl Fleig gives a brief explanation.