May 3-5, 2024

  • $110 - Early Bird rate until one month before camp
  • $125 - Camp rate after Early Bird discount deadline 
  • Registration must be paid in full by 4/03/24 to keep Early Bird discount
  • $30.00 Non-refundable deposit if you have to cancel registration

    Sign up for this camp if you are ready to complete advancement requirements. Food is provided, but you need to arrange your own lodging and gear.

    Working on Buckskin level?

    Start by downloading the Buckskin workbook, and complete it before you come to camp. All you need to know is in the packet and before you can advance, you will be expected to:

    • Your Buckskin rep is Buffalo Tipper. Email him with questions
    • Develop a complete outfit on your own
    • Choose a frontier name
    • Develop a totem
    • Select a trade skill and present a sample of your work
    • Memorize the FCF pledge
    • Memorize the meaning of the FCF symbol
    • Memorize Matthew 28:19–20
    • Read the book God's Armor Bearer Vol 1 by Terry Nance
    • Have two mentoring meetings with your mentor
    • Demonstrate your tomahawk skills
    • Demonstrate your knife-throwing skills
    • Start a fire with flint & steel
    • Complete this Buckskin camp
    • Complete Company Trapper: 40 hours of service is required
    • Boys achieve Adventure Silver or E2
    • Men, earn Trained Level and assist at least 1 boy in becoming an FCF member

    Working on Wilderness level?

    Download the Wilderness Workbook, you will be expected to:

    Commanders and Elite grads who wish to serve on staff have to be approved by the camp organizers!

    Staff have to be approved by the Camp Commander before registering on Campwise and need to get the online Pastoral reference form submitted by their lead pastor or designated pastor or board member. This needs to be filled out once a year.


    1. Register on Campwise.
    2. It is recommended that campers register at least two weeks in advance in order to secure a spot. Camp apparel that may have been included in your registration is not guaranteed to late registrants.
    3. An online Pastoral Reference must be completed BEFORE the start of camp for anyone over 18 years. This must be completed every year and is good for every Rangers camp for that year.
    4. Consider packing your gear in a wooden box, which can serve as a seat!
    5. Sleepover or arrive as early as you can to help with set-up. The camp starts at 10 am on a Friday so you may miss a day of school.
    6. Arrange for your parents to attend your graduation at 2pm on Sunday, you go home with them after that.
    7. Ensure your Commander gives you credit for any merit requirements you achieved at camp.

    --All Prescription medications must be checked in  with the Camp Medical Officer at registration--

    --Camp is NOT responsible for electronic devices.--


    Food ingredients will be provided.

    Clothing (check Goodwill):

    • Wool blanket as a jacket
    • Button up shirt
    • Pants (look period correct, white painters pants with pockets removed work well)
    • Boots or shoes for outdoor activities (modern is okay, no tennis shoes)
    • Socks
    • Underclothing


    • Sleeping bag & Pillow (cots are provided)
    • Small cast iron pan*
    • Cooking grate*
    • Grilling tongs and wooden spoon*
    • Tomahawk*
    • Dutch oven*
    • Toiletries
    • Towel
    • Lip Balm (chapstick)
    • Pencils (2 ea.)
    • Small Bible
    • Personal First-aid kit & meds
    • Camera (optional)
    • Insect repellant

    *Items that can be borrowed from camp, but start acquiring them for your own gear.

    All prescription medications must be checked-in with the Camp Medical Officer at registration.

    NO Electronic Devices allowed at camp. No flashlights!








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