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aKnot Notes to help teach Knot Tying

By Jody Smith | January 28, 2021

Download the reference sheet for your boys Here are a few notes to help you teach the merit A knot … is either exactly right or it is hopelessly wrong, make only one change … and either an entirely different knot is made or no knot at all may result.”  Clifford Warren Ashley   [The Ashley Book of Knots (ABOK)] Sailors have an…

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9 Leadership Skills we teach at Jr Leadership Academy

By Jody Smith | November 13, 2020

At Jr Leadership Training Camp, we teach leadership through a process boys have to see by example and practice on their peers. Here are the Leadership Principles we teach: A good leader is one who takes responsibility for the outcome at the end, no matter what the result. He always gives the glory to God and his team. In the end, it’s…

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Help promote Ranger camps

By Jody Smith | July 9, 2020

Parents in general are not familiar with all that Rangers has to offer. I see that specifically with my Discovery Ranger parents, their eyes gloss over when I start throwing out JTC, FCF and other acronyms we’re all so used to using. This is why we created the following flyers for you to give parents, explaining what the various camps are all…

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New Outpost Leader Orientation Guide

By Jody Smith | June 22, 2020

The National office put together an Outpost Leader Orientation program, a valuable tool for local outposts that will result in equipped leaders aligned with the vision of the ministry. The program serves as a quick introduction to Royal Rangers, guiding the new leader through onboarding and consists of 4 easy requirements to be completed by the leader. This includes meeting with the…

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Ranger Regatta – Whatever floats your [corrugated] cardboard boat

By Randy Mesun | February 21, 2020

The Challenge Design and build a boat made of [corrugated] Cardboard and navigate a short course. Regatta course will start at the dock; travel along the shore; around a buoy and back. The crew must paddle the boat (paddle materials will be provided) propelling the boat through the water by any other means is prohibited; e.g., NO paddlewheels; NO pole; NO sail;…

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Making Merits Interactive, no More Writing!

By Jody Smith | January 25, 2020

This is an excerpt from an article that appeared on the National Rangers website on November 6, 2019. John Hicks writes: It has long been understood that boys need activity and learn best in an environment rich with hands-on activities and student participation. It is, therefore, essential that the weekly Royal Rangers meeting be a place where boys are given the opportunity…

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Ranger Leaders share their planning tools.

By Randy Mesun | January 21, 2020

As Senior Commander I like to be organized, and over the years I have developed planning tools I’d like to share with you here. Establish your annual Outpost calendar. I start by referring to the Calendar on the district Rangers website, marking event dates while making sure that I coordinate with my church calendar. I also note the weeks that my Ranger Outpost does…

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How to correctly sharpen a knife

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

Article credit: Crazy Crow.  Take a look at their knife sharpening tools. I have also bought their knife blanks in the past. They’re relatively inexpensive and make a cool project as you add your custom handle and make a sheath for it. How to Sharpen a Knife The most difficult knife care task is said to be sharpening a blade. Modern stainless steel is…

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Ranger teen survives 3 days in the wilderness.

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

CAMP WILDERNESS, Waupaca, WI – August 2016 Seth Hunt (15) spent two nights and three days in the woods with not much more than a knife, magnesium flint, a piece of foil, a couple of fish hooks and some plastic sheeting. He and twelve other teens attended Wilderness Survival Camp in August were they were trained to live off the land and…

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All-night Vigil, Alone in the Wilderness

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

CAMP WILDERNESS, Waupaca, WI – October 2016 Staying awake all night on a comfy couch with snacks and a game consul is hard enough, but have you ever tried praying from dusk to dawn… alone in the wilderness… in the fall… with nothing but limited primitive gear to sustain you. This Vigil is the final requirement towards becoming a Wilderness Member –…

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Randy Mesun

Randy is Sr Commander at Christian Life Family, Plymouth. He is diligently working with National to update the skill merits and has a wealth of Outpost organization tools to share.


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