Earn the coveted Academy Saber

Junior Leaders Development Academy
The district plays a vital role in junior leadership development. We provide an environment for boys and young men to come together from many different outposts and backgrounds and learn to work together and fine-tune leadership skills. We also provide instruction in specialized skills local leaders may not be able to offer.

If your Ranger is eleven and older he is encouraged to join the Junior Leadership Training Academy. Once he has competed two Leadership camps plus three elective Adventure camps, he will be awarded an Academy Saber and inducted into the Ranger Elite.

The leadership camps as well as the Outdoor Survival, Backpacking and Canoeing Adventure Camps are all held on the same weekend in August. The Winter Survival adventure is held in January and the Frontiersman adventure is in May. Check the event calendar for details.

Below, we have split these camps into sections to guide you.

Royal Rangers Academy Scholarship

Gene and Sharon Morrison have developed a WNMD JLDA Scholarship fund (3 - &100 per year) for boys who have a hardship need for attending one of the WNMD Academy Camps.

Requirements: Hardship to be explained and submitted to Gene Morrison at wiranger@charter.net

Include: boy's name, parent name and phone, email address, church name, outpost number and Academy Camp attending.

NOTE: Scholarships Will be based on need and in the order they are received. All applications will be held in confidence.


Adventure camps let you test your ability

JTC + AJTC + 3 Adventure Camps = Academy Saber.

Ranger Training Camp - for 5th graders RTC
Learn to use the Patrol System effectively at this fun, interactive camp. This is not a required camp, but earns you the right to add the RTC Tassel to your Saber.
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Junior Training Camp - Required JTC
First level required camp where you learn your role in leading ministry in your church through arts, drama and forming lifelong friendships.
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Advanced Jr Training Camp (Required) AJTC
For JTC graduates. This is a second level required camp where you will discover your role in leadership of your outpost, church and community.
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Winter Survival Adventure Camp - Elective WSAC
For AJTC graduates. After instruction on outdoor survival you and your patrol will begin constructing an outdoor shelter or igloo to sleep in.
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Backpacking Adventure Camp - Elective BAC
Optional elective camp for AJTC graduates. Hit the nine-mile trail for a two-day backpacking adventure in the woods as you learn new skills on the way.
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Survival Adventure Camp - Elective SAC
Optional elective for AJTC graduates. Enjoy the challenge of living off the land for three days as you build your own shelter, trap your own food and filter your water.
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Canoe Adventure Camp - Elective CAC
Optional elective for AJTC graduates. There's nothing like the freedom of gliding across the open waters in your canoe packed with food and supplies for three days.
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Frontier Adventure Camp - Elective FCF Intro
This 1800's adventure is required for men or boys to join the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship. Primitive fire starting, tomahawk and knife throwing included.
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Jr Elite Training - Staff training Elite
For Academy graduates to complete their leadership training, candidates assist in running the Academy and help mentor younger academy campers.
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Shooting Sports Adventure Camp SSAC
Optional elective camp for AJTC graduates. Get your Hunter Safety before camp and compete in various shooting sports disciplines with your peers.

Academy Banquet

Saber graduation ceremony
Once you have completed all the requirements for your Saber, you and your family will receive an invitation to attend the annual Academy Banquet.
Event Details & Registration

Academy FAQ

All campers are expected to find their own way to and from camp. We suggest parents car pool or arrange to use their church van.

You have to start with Jr Training Camp (JTC) and then one year later attend Advanced Jr Training Camp (AJTC). From there you can elect three more adventure camps to earn your saber.

Ranger Training Camp is recommended for 5th graders. Once you are 11 or older you can attend any of our Academy camps, but the Survival camp is really challenging so do that camp last if you can.

Camp Wilderness has modern flush toilet and private hot shower facilities available to all campers, including Frontiersman Campers. Bring your own towel and toiletries.

Ask your parents to:

  • Purchase a handbook for you and review it with you.
  • Set goals with you and celebrate with you when you earn awards and merits
  • Help you complete any missed lessons and assignments
  • Ask you what he learned in Rangers and practice with you
  • Add all events to your family calendar and ensure you are  signed up in a timely fashion. The easiest may be to ENROL for camps you're interested in, and then REGISTER and pay closer to the event.
  • Challenge you to pray and read the Bible every day and incorporate any memory verses and required reading into your quiet time
  • Always be ready to help Ranger leaders at events and camp-outs. Leader’s are not experts in every merit, ask them to volunteer to help teach a merit they know a lot about.

Due to low demand, GPH no longer carries the dress uniform or the formal uniform blazer. Alternative sources for these items are available upon request from the National Office. Call 417-862-2781 Extension 4181. 

Registering for any district camp just got a whole lot easier!

  • Set up an account for your family. All your camp info and forms are saved in one convenient place!
  • Fill out your medical forms once, and you're set. Of course, you can go back and edit your information at any time.
  • Enroll in the camps your family members plan to attend and we'll hold a space for you. Pay for events individually or all at once whenever you're ready. (Of course, we require at least partial payment before you're considered registered for camp).
  • When you enroll, your Outpost is notified. Contact Doris if you need registration reports emailed to your outpost.
  • Leaders, if you're serving on staff at a camp, get with the comp coordinator. He may have a discount code for you.