2018 Academic Scholarship Winners Announced

​April 21, Neenah, WI – John Boekers and Mark Kilcoyne were astonished to hear they both were awarded a $1,000 academic scholarship when they were called up on stage during LeaderCon 2018. "Because of a last-minute donation to the fund we were able to have two winners this year" was the announcement from Jody Smith, the Ranger Communication Coordin...
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Isaac Touchstone, the first National FCF Scout from our region.

Our FCF Chippewa Chapter is in uncharted territory. If memory serves correctly, we've never had one of our own selected as National Scout before. And we couldn't be prouder. During the 2017 FCF Rendezvous, which was hosted in Iowa this year, Isaac "Feather Trader" Touchstone pitted his skills with the eight other chapters in the region and won the ...
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9 GMA's. Not bad for one Wisconsin outpost!

That’s right, Outpost 39 (Oak Creek AG) awarded nine out of the twelve Gold Medals of Achievement earned this year throughout our entire district at their annual medal ceremony held on November 9, 2016. We’re extremely proud of all 233 young men from our district that earned this prestigious award since it’s inception in 1964! But nowhere on record can we find a single outpost that awarded nine GMAs in one year! How did they do it?

With the latest changes in requirements coming into effect on December 31, young men all over the country are frantically working to earn their Gold Medal before the changes take effect. This undoubtedly gave the Oak Creek Rangers the drive to finish, but strong leadership had a lot to do with it too.

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Gold Medal of Achievement Requirements new starting in 2017

The Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) has long held a position of prominence as the highest award in the Royal Rangers program. Often regarded as the Royal Rangers counterpart to the Boy Scout Eagle Scout award, the GMA is a well-recognized symbol of achievement for boys.

Through the years, the position of the GMA within the Royal Rangers advancement system has changed, as have the requirements to earn the award. The most recent change was released in 2010 when the requirements to earn the award were limited to the completion of the Adventure Rangers advancement trail. This change resulted in the GMA becoming roughly equivalent with the highest awards in Discovery Rangers and Expedition Rangers, which led to the perception that the GMA was no longer an award of special significance.

In 2010 a new award, the Honor GMA, was also created to recognize boys who have completed the entire Royal Rangers program - Ranger Kids through Expedition Rangers. Although this award is highly regarded, it is commonly perceived as being a separate and higher award than the GMA.

To correct this perception,

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