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Humility when your the smartest person in the room [S01E12]


Be it academic, be it great mental acumen, or be it the school of hard knocks when you walk into a ranger classroom your probably the smartest in the room.  You’ve lived life longer and your experiences can give you wisdom.

They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Building a great Outpost takes time and one of the most important building blocks is relationships.  You really do have some great wisdom to impart on your Rangers, but it takes time to build the relationships that will help you be able to have a strong influence.  Remember rules without relationship breads rebellion.

Try using the ABC’s f communication.  Affirm, Bridge, Connect.

We try to bring a little affirmation into the classroom each time we start.  Each on of these boys in a gift from God and it’s a privilege to have an opportunity to pour into their lives.  Let them know how much you value them and how special they are.  Bridging usually happens during your game or activity.  It’s when you have an opportunity to build comradery and just have fun.  Connecting happens during your skill merit time.  Your equipping them and boys like to add new skills to there resume.

Bring people up to your level gracefully.  Don’t drag them up critically.

We all get frustrated, but no one will ever be equipped by brow beating or belittling.  We have all seen that coach or mentor that thinks if they can just get them mad enough or make them feel bad enough they will rise to the occasion.  Encouragement is the key to empowerment.

Is your audience ready to learn what your teaching?

Give yourself the flexibility to adapt to how your boys are feeling.  This week may be finals week or they may be eager to head out for Christmas break.  If their not ready to hear you may want to move the game up in the line up.  Loosen them up.  You may even need to truncate the lesson for the night.

Are you teaching out of your giftings or did you see this on the internet.

We have all made this mistake.  Found ourselves way off the reservation with an idea we saw on the internet.  Stick to what your good at and allow other commanders to come along side you with their skills.  Royal Rangers is a big bus with plenty of seats for all of us.  Find the seat that your most comfortable in and watch God use you in a mighty way.

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