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It’s time to cross the finish line of 2016 and step up to the starting line of 2017. [S01E14]

I have run 13 marathons and a friend of mine that helped me train game me this advice.  At first I thought he was just razing me, but now that I have crossed many finish lines I understand what he meant and it’s solid advice.  Sometimes we just need to narrow our view.  Get laser focused on the finish line and get off the course.  The course can be an amazing journey but if you stay on it too long your just wondering and the sweeper bus will come by and collect you.  The enemy will try to cloud your thinking and tell you that your a quitter.  Your not quitting your finishing.  Not every finish line in life will be you jumping with joy.  Some of them will be you dragging a limb across the line, but getting over that finish line allows you to step up to the next starting line.

In the running world you will here runners talk about a RP or personal record.  God knew what he was doing when he guided you along your life’s path.  Your goals and dreams are unique to you.  Take time to celebrate every accomplishment.  Don’t let the enemy convince you that it’s not worth mentioning.  A runner who cuts even 60 seconds off a 5k race has accomplished a great new PR.  Small investments over a long period of time yield the greatest returns.  Not celebrating takes praise away from God who gave you the opportunity in to begin with.

Here at Royal Range Podcast we say, “life is a journey, one adventure at a time”.  There is something adventurous about a new goal or a new challenge.  A great way to get started is to use the four ways a boy grows:  Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Socially.  Make a goal for each of these areas and you will have a jam-up 2017.

Most peoples new years resolutions fall flat in the first few weeks.  Quitting is easy but starting takes courage and humility.  Start now and start often.  This is one area where the enemy loves to get us down, but push back and lean into it.  You probably doing far better than you think.  Give it time and stick to it.  If your goal is to read 5 books this year and you only read two, celebrate.  Only 25% of Americans will read one book this year.  Two books puts you in the top 20% of Americas best thinkers.

Happy New Year.



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