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The trail every ranger should hike [S01E15]

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. (Robert Frost)

Branden Hurst certainly knows the meaning of taking the road or trail less traveled.  A very, very small percent of the countries avid hikers can say they have hiked the entire 2,189 miles of the Appellation Trail.

Brandon Hurst was OP169’s 2nd GMA in a class of 4.  At OP169 he is in the company of now 20 other GMA graduates.  Since he left OP169 Branden has received an undergraduate degree from SEU and a graduate degree from FSU.  At age 31 Branden now calls Dallas home as he applies his leadership skills to the Chi Alpha Ministries for the AG.

Brandon started his Ranger journey in Straight Arrows and wilh his mentor, father, and commander by his side he stayed will Rangers all the way to Trail Rangers and his GMA.  Branden’s father, Commander Mark Hurst is still a valued leader at OP169 and continues to work with the high school boys now know as Expedition Rangers.

I asked Branden how he thought we did to equip and empower him for life’s journey and he gave his outpost 5 stars.  If your wondering 5 is the highest ratting.  I also asked him to share his greatest gain in Rangers and his answer should strengthen your resolve to continue to fight the good fight.  Branden said, “Devotion to God”, without that everything else will never fall into place.

Commander Mark Hurst has seen 20 GMA’s and counting have their medals pined on and of all the adventure rich activities that he has planned hiking still tops the charts.  Bang for your buck and maximum participation hiking is the way to go.  It was Commander Mark’s love for hiking that inspired Branden to take on the challenge of the AT.  Starting March 1st of his sophomore year in college Branden headed north.  And on July 3rd accompanied by his dad he completed to journey and added his name to an elite group of hikers.

You wont make it without a sleeping mat. Trekking poles are a must. The cost is between $3000-$6000.

None!  Branden encourages even novice hikers to add the AT to their bucket list, and for those that are just exiting high school or entering college you will never have a better opportunity to get it done.

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