Boys will be boys.


The definition of chaos is, complete disorder and confusion.  Synonyms are: confusion, pandemonium, havoc, turmoil, disruption.  If this describes what you’re seeing we might be able to help.

Boys are not “just being boys” if what they are doing is unsafe, destructive and disrespectful.  Sure, boys play hard and sometimes break things, but breaking stuff just to be breaking something – not cool!  Chaos leads to turmoil, but a well-defined structured environment gives boys a safe place to “just be boys”, and this is great fun!!!

G.K. Chesterton said, “The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.”

A common mistake that all of us as commanders make is to try and rein in the chaos and add structure to the environment by establishing rules for every situation and then enforcing those rules.  This is a recipe for disaster and frustration.  Boys can’t remember a long laundry list of rules, and trying to enforce this long list will just make you look like a drill sergeant.   If you only take one thing away from this podcast it should be this.  Rules without relationship breads rebellion, rules with relationship breads respect, so keep it simple and clear, and enforce these boundaries for the sake of these relationships.

Rule #1, Respect
Rule #2 Safety

Creating a simply yet clear set of rules will help your outpost thrive, but when you try and make a rule for every situation you are creating a bunch of “i gotcha ya” moments.  Your setting the boys up for failure and anxiety.

The two rule system frees you from all of that.  We have applied this to summer merit camps with 70 boys from outposts all over the state.  In 12 hours we establish a self-governing environment where boys thrive and relationships grow.  Think about it, if a boy is being disruptive in class what rule does that fall under?  If a boy goes down to the swimming hole by himself what rule is that breaking?  By quickly and calmly identifying their actions and helping them decide which rule their breaking they are quickly learning to govern themselves.  Of course this works at every age level but is adjusted for age appropriate activities.  What is a safe for and Expedition Ranger might not be for a Ranger Kid.

The key to success is consistency and total cooperation from all of your commanders.  Also, you need to remove all other rules from your vocabulary. Instead, consistently remind and reinforce Rule #1 and Rule #2.  Games and activities have directions not rules.rr2015-121

There are certainly consequences to breaking the two rules.  Keep in mind that every correction needs to lead and end with love.  You’re not there to just “catch them in the act”.  You’re there to equip and empower.  Consequences should be proportional to the inappropriate action.  It’s a good idea to brainstorm with your commanders a list of scenarios that are likely to happen and how you will handle them.

Boys will be boys.  They want and adventure rich life and will a little planning you can give this to them.  You will be creating awesome memories and equipping and empowering them to be terrific servant leaders.

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9 GMA's. Not bad for one Wisconsin outpost!

That’s right, Outpost 39 (Oak Creek AG) awarded nine out of the twelve Gold Medals of Achievement earned this year throughout our entire district at their annual medal ceremony held on November 9, 2016. We’re extremely proud of all 233 young men from our district that earned this prestigious award since it’s inception in 1964! But nowhere on record can we find a single outpost that awarded nine GMAs in one year! How did they do it?

With the latest changes in requirements coming into effect on December 31, young men all over the country are frantically working to earn their Gold Medal before the changes take effect. This undoubtedly gave the Oak Creek Rangers the drive to finish, but strong leadership had a lot to do with it too.

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Improve your leadership skills in less than ten miles! {S01E09}


Harry Truman – “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”

Reading really does make you a better leader. In fact, reading just makes you better period, and that’s a fact – and a well-researched one at that (see

And while most of us know this and believe in the important benefits of reading, very few of us know how to fit reading into our overwhelmingly busy schedule, so in today’s podcast, we’re going to discuss some tips as to how you can squeeze reading in and become a become a better leader.

All of us get distracted from and often disinterested in reading, so start by making of list of things that you want to learn – a hobby that you want to know more about, a series of fictional novels that you’ve always wanted to read, etc. Have fun! I keep a running list on Amazon of book titles that I am interested in reading someday. I will also take my phone out when I am at a bookstore or library and take pictures of interesting titles that jump out at me. Later these will go on my Amazon list. Also, don’t forget to record titles that friends and coworkers recommend. Oh, and magazines count!

Book are potable. And in today’s world, they are more portable that ever, so have a book or two with you at all times, or get a Kindle. Then, when you have some “in-between time” pull out one you’re books or your kindle. You’ve got lots of down time – doctor’s offices, soccer sidelines, etc. Keeping books in easy to reach places will help you keep up with this valuable habit. You don’t, and most likely won’t tackle an entire book in one sitting. In fact, I have books that have taken me years to finish. Some I finish in a week, while others just stay near my nightstand or in the family room where I’ll read 10 or 20 pages and then not return to it for months. The main things is to keep reading, and having books handy makes this much easier to accomplish.

Here’s where all excuses wither away completely. You can find almost every title out there in audio form. In fact, I listed to around 15 books per year in audio format. Most get listened to while I’m driving here or there – shorts burst of 10 minutes or ten miles or so. Audio books can go where print books can’t. Places like on a jog, the fitness center, the lawn mower, etc. They’re super fun to listen to. Some are dramatized and some are even read by the author. And of course, we would be remiss if we did not encourage you to listen to more podcasts – ours and others.

Well, there is a whole lot more to say about this subject, and believe me, this is not the last you’ll hear about books on the Royal Ranger Podcast, so LETS ALL GET BACK ON THE READING TRACK. At the very least, go sign up for an Audible account and started listening. You’ll find yourself swept along a path the will enrich your life more than words can say.

If you’re using Amazon digital books, don’t forget to always check for the Whispersync version of the digital book. The Whispersync add-on is only a few dollars more, and with this add-on, you’ll be able to either read or listen to the audio – and they’ll always be synced together. Amazing!

Also, don’t forget to use highlighting while you’re reading your digital books. Best of all, you can go and view all of these highlights at your Amazon account at

Thanks for listening!

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Help! I married a Royal Ranger Commander with special guest National Director Karl Fleig [SO1,EO8]

2014-06-28-karl-s-fleig A heartbreaking note at the Johnnie Barns Memorial

On Commander Karl’s first visit to Johnnie Barn’s memorial website he notices a unique feature.  A place where visitors could leave a note or comment.  The second one down said, “Thank you for starting a ministry that takes away our husbands from us.”  Since these are just show notes don’t miss read this.  Johnnie Barn’s and the ministry of Royal Rangers have poured into the lives of millions of boys and men.  But this note raised up a passion in Commander Karl’s heart to help commanders nurture their marriages and the relationships with their children.

Balance and the priority structure

Balance only comes easy when the structure your standing on is solid.  God’s priority structure is critical in living life to the full and having a balanced marriage.

God Firstkarl-fleig Family Work Ministry

That which you nurture thrives, that which you neglect dies.

Senior Commanders, you can play a key role here.  When bringing a new commander into your Outpost follow these simple steps:

Interview all new commanders and make sure they have had an open dialogue with there wife concerning their commitment level. Don’t set them up for failure.  If they are brand new to the ministry give them time to find their right seat on the bus.  Book (Good to Great) Require them to have one date night per month.  (What she wants to do) Require them to set aside three days a year, three times a year.

Men be intentional

Weeks can go by just about the time you blink.  If you don’t intentionally add your wife to your calendar she will never receive the romantic affection she so desires.  In the book, His Needs, Her Needs, 250,000 women said this was one of their top two needs.

There is nothing noble about neglecting your wife for the sake of ministry.  Marrying a Royal Ranger Commander should be at the top of the list of things your wife brags about.  A ranger family in one accord coming along side each other for strength and wisdom is an awesome thing.

Prepare early for a heavy ministry season.

The lead up to Pow Wow can be taxing.  Assisting with pass and review prep, building camp entrances, stocking the chuck wagon, and all the logistics of travel can take days away from your family.  Not to mention the four days for the event itself.  Let us give you a few idea:

Hide a small gift around the house for each day you will be gone then text her each day with a clue. Send a few cards in the mail that will arrive while your away. Send flowers.

Ministry should be fun.  God’s word say His yoke is easy and His burdens light.

God has called you, your Ranger family will protect you, the enemy will peruse you.

Put on the full armor of God that you might stand against the whiles of the devil.  Stepping out into the ranks of Royal Ranger Commander puts a target on your back.  The enemy will try to take you out of the fight.  Yes, there may be a season where it will be wise to take a short break from Rangers, but there will also be those times where being in Rangers IS putting your family first.

Stick together and pray for those that are facing difficulties.  One day you will be in their shoes and you will need them to remember you.  We often say, “I will be praying for you.”  Do you?





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Planning to Speak, Wear a watch, and here’s why! [SO1E07]


If you’re a commander doing your weekly program or a ranger on the trail of advancement, then public speaking is in your future. Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to give the Gettysburg Address, but at some point, you will have to deliver a Wednesday night devotional if you want to receive one of your Bible merits. So, why is a watch essential gear for delivering a successful speech? Read on, and you’ll find out.

A lot goes in to preparing a good talk or speech, but one extremely critical aspect of preparation that is often left out is – TIME! In fact, poor time management can sabotage even the best of speeches. So, grab your watch, or something else to tell time with, and follow these helpful tips when preparing and delivering a speech.

Time yourself!

Don’t leave time management to chance. Whether you’ve been asked to speak for 5 minutes or 55 minutes, practice timing yourself delivering you talk ahead of time. Only then will you get a good feel for how your delivery will flow and if your speech will fit within the allotted time. Trust me, you don’t want to wing this. You’ll either realize too late that you don’t have enough material to fill the time, or you’ll realize too late that you have too much material, and everyone out in the audience will be looking at “their” watches.

Be on time!

I know this sounds obvious, and well it should, but how many good speeches have started to quickly unravel before they’ve even gotten started. Look, arrive 15 minutes early, and you’ll have time to relax, get to know the environment, find out where you should stand and when you should get up to speak, and so on. This 15-minute buffer will give you a clearer mind and a calmer heart as you step up to the microphone.

End on time!

We talk a lot about respect within the Ranger Outpost, and rightly so, and believe me, nothing demonstrates respect more than ending on time, especially when you’ve been invited to speak. Keep in mind, even if you’re the “keynote” speaker, you’re likely not the only item on the program or agenda. Every minute you go overtime, takes time away from something or someone else. If you end on time, not only will you demonstrate the proper respect, you will gain the respect of both the audience, other Ranger and the commanders.

Rangers are leaders in the making, and leaders will often find themselves called upon to speak. So, the next time you’re called upon to stand up and speak, remember to “wear a watch”, and don’t get tripped up simply because you didn’t watch the clock.

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