Gene Morrison, over 50 years of service to Rangers

Gene Morrison started his rich history in Royal Rangers in 1962 and was quickly singled out by Johnny Barnes, who appointed him National Aid De Camp soon thereafter. By 1970 Gene attended his second National Training Camp (NTC) and was invited back the following year as an advisor. From there he served on NTC staff eight times eit...
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So, who were our first District Commanders?

When George Kupfer called a meeting in late July for the newly-appointed district staff to plan the first ever Pow Wow at Spencer Lake Bible Camp, nobody could have imagined the blessing this initiative would bring. Sharon (Gene Morrison's wife) and Dorothy Forrester, George's work secretary at the time, expertly hand made the awards, ...
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Avoiding big mistakes with your taxes [S01E18]

I think all of us would groan at the thought of keeping up with one more thing.  Isn’t that the story inside the whirlwind of life.  However, keeping track of the little things you do for and with the Royal Rangers or any ministry can save you big bucks.  If all of the little things (drinks and snacks for the Wednesday night meeting, driving Rangers to and from, driving to Ranger events, training,  or Pow Wow) added up to $5,000 and you were paying 20% in taxes then you just lost $1,000 dollars.  If you think that seems unlikely, $20 a week is $1,040.  Now add training, travel and a missions trip and you’re there.   In order to properly account for all of your deductions you must keep good records.  Here are two helpful hints.  One, use your phone. Today’s phones have an assortment of helpful tools.  Take pictures of receipts, donated items, tickets, etc…  Two, “Expensify”.  Expensify is an app that helps you keep track of expenses.  It has a very seamless integration with your phone which can calculate mileage, itemize receipts, and produce printable reports.

Our guest for this show is a licensed expert in the vocation of tax preparation, but everyone’s situation is different.  Please, seek the advice of a tax pro to get each deduction handled properly.  If you are interested in contacting our guest you can find his firm’s information at

Mileage.  All mileage associated with Rangers or any church function where you are donating your time is deductible.  For a Ranger commander that can include: mileage to church on meeting night and mileage to events and training.  Note -you cannot deduct both mileage and fuel.  It is one or the other and mileage is the way to go. Donations.  Cash and items donated to the church and Outpost are deductible. Cash is the obvious one and the church will most likely give you a receipt or a report at the end of the year.  Items are deductible and the amount of the deduction is the current allowable value.  The IRS does have a table for item values but you can justify the value if you can show other items that have been sold for a similar value.  For example, if you donated a treadmill and you found three closed auctions on Ebay with a sold price of $150 then that could be used to justify the value.  Here is the caveat.  If you donate a car and the Kelly Blue Book value is $5,000 but the church sells it for $3,000 then your deduction is only $3,000.  If the church gives it to a pastor to drive then it would be valued at $5,000. Travel.  Most travel expenses are allowed.  One exception would be if a commander’s wife traveled with him to a training event her travel expenses would not be deductible. Training.  All of your training expenses are deductible.  Even though you are a lay leader and  not employed by the Outpost you can still deduct the expenses associated with all of your training.  You might even be thinking that your Outpost doesn’t require training.  It doesn’t matter.  Your dedication to excel at your position is of great value and you can keep track of those associated expenses and apply them to your return.

This is not an us versus them.  In other words, it’s not us versus Uncle Sam.  The tax codes are complicated and have many lawful deductions that you should use to your advantage.  God has called you into this ministry.the boots on  You are the  ground that can see how every dollar is used within the ministry.  Being a good steward of that means understanding where you can recover dollars that Uncle Sam doesn’t need.



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Has your fundraising been derailed? Get back on the tracks. [S01E17]

When God births a vision within your heart He obligates Himself to meet the resources to see that vision come to fruition.  It will take time and perseverance but stay on track and let the Holy Spirit be your Conductor.

In this episode Commander Wayne, Commander Bradley, and I board a train in Lakeland Florida and head down to the Ft. Lauderdale area to pick up our long awaited Ranger Bus.

This adventure is a celebration of five years of planning and hard work.  Listen as we share this adventure live with the podcast audience and share some insights to how we journeyed from vision to bus title.

At OP169 we have tremendous support from Church leadership and the other ministries that call Victory Church home.  However, with more that 50 ministries we found ourselves waiting in line for resources and one major resource was the buses.  Victory has two buses, a school bus and a 15 passenger bus.  With the school bus we were required to hire a licensed driver which added cost and logistics to each adventure.  The 15 passenger bus is always in hot demand and usually could not be used overnight.

In Andy Stanley’s book he describes vision and the tension in a man or women’s heart for what is and what could be.  Commander Wayne began to see what could be and knew that God had a plan to get there.  After five years of fundraising and donations we now have our first bus.

Over the five years Commander Wayne has done a vigilant job celebrating every accomplishment, no matter how small, and articulating the vision often.  Excitement breads excitement.  Once God gives you a vision tell everyone you can.  You never know where the next great fundraising idea will come from or who will simply catch the vision and decide to give.  God deserves that praise and He wants to give you lots of opportunities to do so.

Sometimes fundraising can be trial and error, but just don’t get derailed.  Learn from each on and then get back on track.  In future episodes we will unpack some of the best fundraisers that I know will help your Outpost get it’s first bus.

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Have you found your Shirpa? [S01E16]

For a hiking standing at the foot of Everest is a pinnacle moment, and for every hobby/passion there is a pinnacle moment.  Even though those pinnacle events can seem so far off in the distance to ever be a reality it’s always a good idea to be planning that the day will come when God will make it happen.  For Commander Mark Hurst and his son Branden the fall of 2016 was the time when God put all of the pieces together for their trip to Nepal and their hike to Base Camp Everest.

Bucket lists have been the popular way to describe those things that we want to one day accomplish.  I think seed planing is another way to describe the start of many of our greatest adventures.  It’s why Super Bowl commercials are a million dollars a minute and companies are happy to pay.  If just a small seed can be planted in your mind and then take root in your heart it’s likely that you will make investments to reach that goal.  I want to drive that car, travel to that destination, or have that experience.  Marketing gurus have capitalized on truth about mankind that the Bible has been stating all along.

Fun fact about Mark and Branden’s pinnacle moment was their peeked at over 18,000 feet near the literal top of the world.  The hike from Nepal to Base Camp took eight days and they were accompanied by three porters and a guide or shirpa.  The term sherpa has been given to the individuals living on the outskirts of the Nepal that guide climbers up to the top of the world. In order to reach the highest place on the planet you need to find a good sherpa.  Interestingly it’s four times more dangerous come down that up.

There is a valuable take home here.  Think about it, to reach the highest places in your life and, maybe more importantly, to successfully endure the lowest you need a good sherpa.  A guide, someone who has walk that stretch of life before you and can give you the wisdom to navigate it for yourself.

At first the help seemed awkward to a couple of seasoned hikers like Mark and Branden, but remember, these guys are at an altitude most of us only experience on-board an American Airlines flight, and needed to have the extra gear for the extreme weather.  But, as seasoned Christ followers, Mark and Branden also recognized the opportunities to make some new friendships and share their relationship with Jesus.  Often times we need to let others help.  By allowing others to share their gifts and skill you create opportunities for relationship and for sharing the gospel.

Summit Fever is a condition that occurs when you have put all of your energy and all of your passion on reaching the top only to find you have nothing left for the decent.  Mark and Branden remind all of us that all journey have ups and downs and for every assent to a summit there is a decent to the valley.  All the more reason to have a Shipa.

For those of you in Rangers you know that when your looking for the Shipa’s of life the brotherhood of Commanders is a great place to start.  Also, if your a dad looking for your next adventure with your son Royal Rangers gives you that platform and takes much of the planning and preparation off of your shoulders.

Don’t let the law of diminishing intent stall you.  What’s your next adventure?  Start planning now!
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