Survival Adventure Camp

Camp Wilderness
Available August 2025

Arrive by 10 am Thursday

Please be on time!

Graduation 10 am Sunday

Parents are encouraged to attend


For AJTC graduates, Survival Adventure Camp is a three-day experience living off the land, learning and developing survival skills and techniques.

  • One survival kit
  • Two guys per group
  • Three days of adventure
  • Live off the land in a survival shelter
  • Catch, forage, and prepare food
  • Learn about Distress signals
  • Navigation without a map or compass

There's only one requirement: Survive!

Live the survival priorities: shelter, fire, water, and food, as you experience survival in the wilderness with minimal materials.  You will increase your self-reliance as you learn to be resourceful by depending on your survival kit.  You can analyze, adapt, and act in an uncertain situation while remaining calm and gaining confidence in your abilities.  It will be an adventure that you will not soon forget, starting as a greenhorn and growing into a mountain man.


  1. Register online on Campwise. Campers should register at least two weeks in advance in order to secure a spot. Camp equipment that may have been included in your registration is not guaranteed to late registrants.
  2. Pack all the items on the Equipment list yourself! That way, you know where to find it. Contact the Camp Commander with any questions you have about the equipment or gear for this Camp.
  3. Be ready to check in at Camp at 10 am on Thursday. Please be on time! All prescription medications must be checked in with the Camp Medical Officer when you arrive at Camp.
  4. Arrange for your parents to attend your graduation at 10 am. on Sunday; you may go home with them after the ceremony.
  5. Inform your Outpost Commander of the merit requirements you achieved at camp. Also, tell your Commander and others of your great Adventure.

--Camp is NOT responsible for lost or broken items; including electronic devices.--

Camp Staff must be approved by the Camp Commander before registering on Campwise; and must have the online Pastoral Reference form submitted. This needs to be completed only once a year.

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There are items that will be left back at Camp when you go into the field.
• Duffel Bag
• Jeans/shorts, T-shirt, socks, underclothing for fresh change
• clothes for sleeping (‘pajamas’)
• Toiletry Kit (shampoo; deodorant; etc.)
• Towel (washcloth)
• Shower shoes (optional)
• Sweatshirt (optional)

CLOTHING (wear in the field)

• Cap [Bring Academy cap from JTC]
• T-Shirt
• Shirt, Long-sleeve
• Pants, work-type or hiking (NO jeans)
• Socks (work-type)
• Boots (NO sneakers)


• Sleeping Bag (lightweight)
• Pillow (small) [or cloth bag for clothing]

All items on the Survival Kit list should be kept inside Waist Pack.

ESSENTIALS [Survival] Kit

Waist Pack (large
• Plastic Sheeting (9 x 12 ft)
• Poncho (small, emergency type)
• Water Bottle (32 oz. Nalgene®, wide-mouth)
• Pocket Knife &/or Multi-Tool
• Flashlight (additional flashlight optional)
   Compass (baseplate-type)[*Brunton® 7DNL]
• Aluminum Foil (6 ft)
• Matches & water-proof Container
OR Metal match (Magnesium fire-starter)
• Whistle
• ‘Survival’ mirror (small)
• Water Purification System (Optional)
• Cordage (20 ft. rope/paracord) (Optional)
• (2) #2 Pencils (wood)
• Bible (small)

TOILETRY KIT [travel-size items] (zip-lock bag)
• Toothbrush & toothpaste (floss/picks)
• Soap (bar)
• Toilet Paper (small roll w/o core)
FIRST-AID KIT (zipper-lock bag)
• *NexCare® bandages; pads; tape