Upcoming Training

National Elementary Education Conference (NEEC)
April 19-20, 2024
Camp Wilderness
Waupaca, WI

The registration fee is $200/ person Chartered Outpost*
The registration fee is $240/ person Non-Chartered Outpost*

*  early bird prices.  Discount deadline 3/17/2024


Church leadership believes that well-trained leaders are the key to any ministry's success. Pastors understand that a trained volunteer is much more likely to commit their time and can be counted on to show up every week. For these reasons, and others, the Royal Rangers program places a high priority on leader training.

Royal Rangers training is based on three core values:

Spiritual Development

All classroom and event-based leadership training will have a spiritual emphasis.

Ranger Skills Development

Training will focus on the seven methods Royal Rangers use to minister to boys. Ranger skills are a key component of this success.

Leadership Development

Leadership development will be key as Royal Rangers moves to become a boy led, adult facilitated ministry.

Training can be completed in any order

Ready Level Requirements

  • Complete the Ranger Foundations and Essential training courses
  • Personally present the gospel to at least one boy
  • Participate in conducting group meetings and activities for at least three months.
  • Read the book "Maximized Manhood" by Edwin Louis Cole
  • Submit a Ready Level Application to the national Royal Rangers office for approval & processing.
Ranger Foundations

Ranger Foundations

Ranger Foundations is an online or district-offered class that teaches new leaders the foundational principles of running successful outpost meetings, using and accessing the Royal Rangers curriculum and advancement system, program structure, uniforms, and much more.

To download the latest Ranger Foundations Online Start Guide (revised as of March 24, 2021), click here.


Ranger Essentials

Ranger Essentials is a one-day, fun, interactive-style training event. You will learn how to connect with today’s boys and recognize ministry needs and outreach opportunities. You will discover how to give life-changing devotions and how to mentor boys and young men into spiritual leaders.

Safety Level Requirements

  • Complete the Ranger Safety training course online
  • Complete a First Aid / CPR course through the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, or any other nationally recognized provider organization. The course must include a demonstration and evaluation of the skills learned in a practical exercise in front of a live instructor.
  • Plan and conduct an outpost activity with the help of junior leaders, with a focus on applicable safety measures.
  • Submit a Safety Level Application to the national Royal Rangers office for approval & processing.

Ranger Safety

The Ranger Safety course is a self-paced online course. In this course, you will learn the reasons for an emphasis on safety and how to use the PAR method to address a variety of issues, including:

Transportation, Facilities, Care of Children, Activities, and Screening Leaders

During this course, you will view various training videos, and at the end of the lessons, you will take a quiz until you earn a certificate of completion. This certificate will appear after completing the short feedback survey following the quiz. You should download or print the certificate (PDF format) for your records.

You can quit anytime during this process and return to this site to complete the course.

Trained Level Requirements

  • Attend NRMC OR NEEC
  • Personally present the gospel to at least one boy
  • Participate in teaching and/or facilitating the instruction of a Leadership merit and its correlating service/ministry project. Ranger Kids leaders may substitute a service project using the patrol system as it applies to their group.
  • Submit a Trained Level Application to the national Royal Rangers office for approval & processing.

National Elementary Education Conference

NEEC is an interactive event that gives men and women leaders training in various techniques and methods to teach and mentor boys effectively. Leaders will explore the development and needs of the elementary age group, with Ranger Kids as the primary focus. Attendees will better understand the needs and characteristics of boys, so you can better relate to and connect with them.


National Rangers Ministry Camp

NRMC provides interactive instruction in various fun and exciting activities that appeal to boys and young men. These activities will include basic “modern” camping, sports fun, trade skills, arts, and technology. These are activities that men and boys can do together, and the purpose is to facilitate relationships and friendships that provide mentoring opportunities.

  • Seven mentoring methods
  • The patrol method. You will experience the patrol system from the viewpoint of a boy or young man. This will allow you to understand better what it means to be a "boy-led, adult-facilitated outpost.”
  • Participate in leadership opportunities, develop friendships, and learn about teamwork through fun competitions and shared goals.
  • Most importantly, you will be inspired to connect with God and explore spiritual manhood. You will be challenged to be a man set apart for a life of holy discipline, to embrace life’s greatest adventures, to build godly character that will inspire others, and to discover your God-given task. You will be given the opportunity to seek God for greater power to accomplish your role as a mentor to future men.

Advanced Level Requirements

  • Attend and complete a World Class Outpost (WCO) seminar.
  • Complete any two continuous learning opportunities of at least 2 hours in length. These may be classes offered by your district, official Royal Ranger Online Training courses, or Action CampsPlease review the event criteria on the Continuous Learning Electives page if you have questions about qualifying events.
  • Personally present the gospel to at least one boy (previous presentations not included).
  • Following pastoral guidance, get an adult new to Royal Rangers involved in leadership or service
  • Submit an Advanced Level Application to the national Royal Rangers office for approval and processing.

World Class Outpost

The World Class Outpost Seminar is designed to expose the outpost leadership team to a successful set of practices, methods, strategies, and tools that will enable them to develop into a world-class outpost. The most significant benefit of this event is achieved when the outpost/church leadership attends and completes it together as a team.

Specialized Training

Johnnie Barnes -2

Johnnie Barnes Excellence Initiative

The JBEI seminar will stretch you and your leadership team. You will be challenged to embrace new leadership behaviors and attitudes. Though counter-intuitive, you will discover freedom by embracing limits that lead to more significant influence and effectiveness. You will also receive tools to improve upon past performance and reach new goals continually. District leaders are encouraged to ask potential or new organizational leaders to attend this seminar shortly before or after appointing them to their first service post.  All organizational leaders should attend the seminar every five years to refresh their knowledge of current leadership topics.

Bob Smith, Adult Training Coordinator

If you have any questions or wish to schedule Adult Leader training in your area, contact Bob Smith