Camp Wilderness Workdays

   Spring: May 12-13, 2023

   Spring: May 19-20, 2023

   Fall: October 13-14, 2023


Please click on the Special Camp Projects Sign-up button to let us know how many in your Outpost are coming.  This will help us coordinate projects, plan lunch, and arrange sleeping accommodations if needed.  Also, if you would like to sign up for a project but can't attend work day, you can do that on the sign-up form


God says: 'It (ground) will produce thorns and thistles for you, the sweat of your brow... ' Genesis 3:18-19

Camps are an integral component of Rangers that complement and augment the activities of the local Outpost by providing additional resources.

God has blessed us with a great Camp facility, but the campgrounds must be maintained to make it inviting for the campers to enjoy the great things that God has for everyone.  God has established these campgrounds for His purpose(s);  He wants His 'garden' to be inviting to all who come through the gates.  It is our responsibility to keep it clean.

Working on camp projects provide an opportunity to be involved & invested in Camp.  This builds a sense of pride and will increase your dedication and commitment to Rangers.

The 'fee' to reserving a campsite at Camp Wilderness is for the Outpost to participate in camp projects.


Twice a year, on workdays, Outposts from all over the District come to Camp Wilderness to prepare the grounds for the work that God will be doing in the lives of boys going to camp(s).  This event provides another opportunity for fellowship and to build friendships with other Ranger Leaders (and boys) in the District.

Camp workday(s), scheduled in the spring and fall, are a focused effort to clean up the camp buildings and the general camp areas.  Workday projects are typically cleaning different areas of the campgrounds, cutting down trees, moving brush, and raking leaves.

Outposts may also work on their individual campsites.

Saturday Lunch is provided.

Specific tasks are assigned when you arrive at camp.


There are quite a few trees that need to be cut down, and this Fall’s Camp Workdays focus is to cut down numerous trees and haul the brush to the Gun Range backstop.   Also, remove some of the bushes along the edges.  Bring your chainsaws, saws, rakes, and trailers to haul the brush.  Don’t forget your PPE: gloves, ear muffs, eye protection, sturdy footwear… for everyone in your Outpost.

If your Outpost wants to tackle one of the Special Camp Projects, those can also be completed at Workdays.


Outposts can come to Camp on non-workdays to work on special projects that may not be completed on workdays.  See Special Camp Project List.

Please let Gerry know when and how many are coming to camp and any materials you may need.

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