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9 GMA’s in one year. Not bad for one Wisconsin outpost!

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

That’s right, Outpost 39 (Oak Creek AG) awarded nine out of the twelve Gold Medals of Achievement earned this year throughout our entire district at their annual medal ceremony held on November 9, 2016. We’re extremely proud of all 233 young men from our district that earned this prestigious award since it’s inception in 1964! But nowhere on record can we find a single…

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Gene Morrison, over 50 years of service to Rangers

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

Gene Morrison started his rich history in Royal Rangers in 1962 and was quickly singled out by Johnny Barnes, who appointed him National Aid De Camp soon thereafter. By 1970 Gene attended his second National Training Camp (NTC) and was invited back the following year as an advisor. From there he served on NTC staff eight times either in the role of advisor or Assistant…

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Isaac Touchstone, the first National FCF Scout from our region.

By Jody Smith | January 21, 2020

Our FCF Chippewa Chapter is in uncharted territory. If memory serves correctly, we’ve never had one of our own selected as National Scout before. And we couldn’t be prouder. During the 2017 FCF Rendezvous, which was hosted in Iowa this year, Isaac “Feather Trader” Touchstone pitted his skills with the eight other chapters in the region and won the honor of representing…

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Royal Rangers Academy Scholarship

By Jody Smith | January 8, 2020

Gene and Sharon Morrison have developed a WNMD JLDA Scholarship fund (3 at $100 per year) for boys who just don’t have the means to pay for camp right now. Requirements: Email Commander Gene explaining your need. Include: boy’s name, parent name and phone, church name, outpost number and Academy Camp attending. NOTE: Scholarships will be based on need and in the…

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Seth Hunt

Seth Hunt is the first to win #1 Wingman by unanimous vote in over 70 years.

By Jody Smith | December 17, 2019

Some parents are just really good at raising their children. Take Larry Hunt, for example. During our last campout, I sat down with him to get a deeper understanding of how he was able to raise such a wonderful son. Right out of the gate, Larry said: “Rangers played a large part.” Initially, I was skeptical. Surely the few hours a month…

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Jody Smith

Jody is heavily involved in FCF and runs one of our Academy camps.


Randy Mesun

Randy is Sr Commander at Christian Life Family, Plymouth. He is diligently working with National to update the skill merits and has a wealth of Outpost organization tools to share.


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