New Outpost Leader Orientation Guide

The National office put together an Outpost Leader Orientation program, a valuable tool for local outposts that will result in equipped leaders aligned with the vision of the ministry. The program serves as a quick introduction to Royal Rangers, guiding the new leader through onboarding and consists of 4 easy requirements to be completed by the leader. This includes meeting with the pastor who oversees the Royal Rangers ministry in the church.

On completion, the new Commander will receive a Certificate of Completion from the District Director and will be placed on our communications lists so that he or she can be informed of upcoming district training events and will have access to the district staff for support and further guidance as needed.   

Download the following documents to guide you.

o   Outpost Leader Orientation Process & Guide

o   Outpost Leader Orientation Packet

o   Outpost Coordinator Email Template (just as a help, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel)

Below are the orientation videos.

VIDEO 1: Why Do Gender Specific Ministry?

Gender-specific ministry plays a crucial role in mentoring kids and young people into the Christlike individuals they were created to be. This video provides the top five reasons for a gender-specific approach to ministry that serve as the basis for the Royal Rangers and Girl’s Ministry programs.

VIDEO 2: Royal Rangers Program Overview

In this video, an introduction to the Royal Rangers program is provided, including the components of a weekly meeting, the diversity of activities conducted to provide something for every boy, and the key elements of the program that provide every church with a platform for mentoring boys into Christlike manhood.

VIDEO 3: Starting a Royal Rangers Program

This video introduces the eight steps to starting a new Royal Rangers program: learn, enlist, equip, plan, resource, promote, launch, and maintain. If you’re looking for help getting your program started, this is a great place to begin.

VIDEO 4: Introduction to the OLO

This video introduces the Outpost Leader Orientation (OLO). The OLO is a tool to be used at the outpost level to quickly onboard new leaders and to explain how the outpost aligns with the vision and mission of the church. This tool is targeted to be used by the outpost coordinator, pastor that oversees the Royal Rangers ministry at the church, and the new leader. There is additional documentation that goes with the OLO. Contact your district staff for access to these documents.

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