Help promote Ranger camps

Parents in general are not familiar with all that Rangers has to offer. I see that specifically with my Discovery Ranger parents, their eyes gloss over when I start throwing out JTC, FCF and other acronyms we’re all so used to using. This is why we created the following flyers for you to give parents, explaining what the various camps are all about. Of course, the BEST way of getting boys to attend is for YOU to invite them personally. Tell them you’re going and you’d love for them to join you. Commanders, camp is where you really get to know your boys and sow into their lives, besides, research shows this is where boys make commitments to following Christ, get baptized in the Holy Spirit or make decisions to go into full-time ministry. Let’s get them there, God will do the rest!

This is general flyer about Camp Wilderness, our very own campground with all the necessary modern amenities.

This flyer gives an overall picture of Academy and how boys can earn their Saber. More info is available to them on the website. Click the image to download.
This flyer explains Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (FCF). More info is available to parents on the website. Click the image to download.

About Jody Smith

As Communications Coordinator, I maintain the web site and send out email promotions for the district. I get the inside scoop at the National LEAD conference, I'm in FCF, teach JTC/AJTC and practice on the Discovery Rangers class I teach at Bridge Church, Waukesha.