Isaac Touchstone, the first National FCF Scout from our region.

Our FCF Chippewa Chapter is in uncharted territory. If memory serves correctly, we’ve never had one of our own selected as National Scout before. And we couldn’t be prouder.

During the 2017 FCF Rendezvous, which was hosted in Iowa this year, Isaac “Feather Trader” Touchstone pitted his skills with the eight other chapters in the region and won the honor of representing us as National FCF Scout. In a head-to-head competition he excelled in fire starting, knife throw, archery and tomahawk but that’s not all that earned him the title. The judges also looked at his achievements as a Ranger in the outpost as well as the district level.

Isaac has been in Rangers his whole life and has achieved the highest levels in every trail, with a GMA, Academy Saber and of course, FCF Wilderness level on his long list of accomplishments. But what really stands out is his love to serve God and his fellow man – he exemplifies the FCF motto To Give and to Serve by always being READY to lend a hand to one of his brothers.

“FCF is a fun, hands-on experience in camping that provides a good amount of challenge for me,” says Isaac “but I found that the fellowship and the life-long relationships I have built with others to be the most important.” Isaac will serve as National Scout for two years and he has the opportunity to serve at next year’s National FCF Rendezvous at Camp Eagle Rock – all expenses paid!

Isaac Touchstone, the first National FCF Scout from our region.We are very proud of Isaac and want to thank him for his commitment to Rangers and showing such a strong example of discipleship to all that surround him.

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